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Kid Cudi Is Looking to Hire a Professional Blunt Roller

There are millions of different jobs in the world that fit people’s different expertise, and if you’re highly skilled at rolling blunts, Kid Cudi might have the job for you.

Cudi took to social media to send out a search for a “professional blunt roller,” in LA over the weekend. “I need a professional blunt roller in LA,” he tweeted. “Hit @Shift_leader06 w resume. Serious inquires only!!”

It’s recently been revealed how well some rapper’s assistants get paid. Quavo said that he pays his assistant $5,000 a day, and other artists have even let it be known that they have professional blunt rollers on staff as well .

“That motherfucker is like Lurch from the Addams Family. ‘You rang?’” Snoop described of his blunt roller. Both Snoop and Rogen went back and forth about the intricacies of such a task, and Snoop emphasized how that is the primary job of a blunt roller.

“That’s his J-O-B—his occupation,” Snoop said. “On his resume, it says, ‘what do you do? I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller.” Snoop also talked about how the job comes with perks like free weed.

Complex Review

On Complex’s Jobs Unlisted, host Speedy joined Waka Flocka to learn about being a PBR, a job that Waka was paying roughly $50K for at the time.

You can check out that classic episode down below before you get your resume​​​​​​​ ready to send to Cudi.

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