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Keep or Delete –Productivity Conundrum with Smartphone Applications

Smartphone addiction is a very prominent problem with adults with countless wasted hours. We take our smartphone to reply to a single conversation and ends up on social media for a significant time. Now, people are worried about their productivity while trying to cut the use of these apps with great effort.

But the temptation is too strong to resist if that icon pops out every time you unlock the phone. The smarter way around here is to delete those unnecessary applications to keep yourself busy with the work. However, not every app is a productivity killer if you purposefully use them.

Alternatives of Deleting the Applications

You can remain connected with the world using your smartphone apps while completing your work expectations. Time management is critical if you want to complete tasks in your daily schedule. However, it never comes easy for people without a detailed plan and persistent efforts.

Also, you must use the different applications designed to increase your focus on work or personal life. They cut the notification sound or even disable the use of apps to prevent distractions. If your phone doesn’t have it, take out doorstep loans in Glasgow and other major cities in Scotland.

What Apps to Keep or Delete in Your Smartphone?

You need to spend a few minutes while trying to decide the fate of each application category. After all, they serve a purpose in your smartphone to either provide relaxation to the mind or keep you connected with the latest developments. You can use the following advice while decluttering your phone from the distracting apps.

  1. Social Media

Arguably the most distracting type of application in your smartphone belongs to the social media category. They started a revolution with the promise to keep your loved ones together and meet new people. Now, people are willing to spend their time in the virtual space instead of their loved ones with meetups.

Now, social media is indeed important for your personal and professional life. You should use them to learn about the latest developments in your social circle. Birthdays are very easy to remember with notifications from Facebook.

Moreover, you can use the enormous user base to spread information and awareness. Set a very specific time to engage with these applications if you don’t want to uninstall them. Create a folder and turn off their notifications during work hours to remain focused.

  1. Games

Games are indeed distracting with the constant temptation to play one more time. You may spend the entire night with no rest only to reduce productivity the next day. Now, you can delete those games from your smartphones to free some time.

Numerous other methods are available to spend time during the breaks. You can meditate, watch videos, or communicate with someone to relax your mind. Start reading books to kill time while travelling to learn while going through some engaging content.

  1. Lifestyle

Lifestyle applications are not limited to your eCommerce stores. Though, you need them as well to order products at a discounted price to save money. Fitness and health apps may also come under the lifestyle category, and they are very important.

You should keep a handful of lifestyle apps to stay in touch with your health. They can track your routine that includes exercise and sleep time. Sync them with your fitness gear to measure steps and vitals.

  1. Entertainment

Entertainment may seem like the need of the hour after a stressful day at work. You need these applications to spend time at home during non-office hours. For some, they may help while trying to go through a dull day at the office.

The entertainment category also features some apps that give you information about the latest events and movies around your neighbourhood. You can book tickets easily with special offers to get additional discounts. These apps are useful to have on your smartphone with minimal distractions at work.

Numerous media houses around the globe have an app for their users to keep them updated. These apps are useful only if you follow a single platform to get the news and updates. At the same time, the smartphone developers and Google are offering a separate screen to provide news and articles based on your interests.

  1. Utilities and Productivity

As the name suggests, these are the tools to help you manage a task in your personal or professional life. A new smartphone has a calculator, notes, clock, calendar, and many more apps as a basic requirement. You can download numerous others from the app store of your phone that includes a simple productivity suite to high-end design apps.

You don’t have to fill your smartphone with productivity apps only to fill the storage space. Install only those that help you at least occasionally with no web app alternative. It is easier to convert a file online than installing an app for the purpose.

Most of them are not a source of distraction to cut your productivity. Freelancers and solopreneurs depend on them to remain connected with their business. You can use a doorstep loan in Manchester and other cities in the UK to pay for the subscription of these apps to start your endeavour.

  1. Educational Apps

Educational apps serve the obvious purpose of helping you learn new concepts. They provide easier access to the content with a user interface designed for learners. Thus, you should not uninstall them if they are helping you to add more skills to your profile.

Students should use these apps instead of other platforms with distracting content in the suggestion list. You get access to a great library with only educational content. Moreover, thousands of other students will help you clear doubts and increase your understanding.


To sum up, smartphone applications serve the purpose of helping individuals with their daily life. Time management is extremely important if you don’t want to uninstall these applications from your smartphone. If the temptation is hard to overcome, focus mode or deletion may seem like the only alternatives left.

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