Jupiter Transit 2021 – Impact On Scorpio Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit 2021 for Scorpio:

According to Vedic Astrology, Jupiter or Guru is considered the most auspicious and benevolent planet among the Navagraha. Hence, Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, and hence its impact on our life is often positive.

Jupiter is now in the sign of Capricorn, and it will transit into the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 02.06 PM (IST). As the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius falls under the “Kama Houses” (House of desires). It is regarded as the House to bring gains and expansion, and being a fixed planet, the gains given by Jupiter may also be enduring. During this Jupiter transit 2021, people would be able to manage their time well and become more vigilant in their actions. This Jupiter transit favors innovation, new technologies, and scientific research. It also helps people to interact with others and expand their social circle.

Jupiter in the 4th House or Sukha Sthana:

For Scorpio Moon sign natives, Aquarius is the 4th House or Sukha Sthana, the House of Comforts, hence, this Jupiter transit can be an ideal time for Scorpio people to acquire comforts like vehicles, land, buildings, etc. The planet of fortune Jupiter will be casting its 5th aspect on Scorpio’s House of longevity, 7th aspect on the House of profession, and 9th aspect on the House of expenditure and losses. The results would be favorable for Scorpio natives. They could get an unexpected bonus or money gains, as well as good job opportunities, gains from overseas travels, and they may also acquire properties and wealth.
However, there could be some problems between you and your siblings on financial matters.


You could face some arguments with family members regarding some investments you are planning to make. Avoid unnecessary arguments and try to be more flexible. Your mother’s health may cause some problems, and you could incur some medical expenses for her treatment. Your relationship with your father could hit a rough patch as there are few misunderstandings to crop up between the two of you. Hence, choose your words with care while communicating.

Some of you may fall in love at this time. You would be able to make a deep impression on your special one with your passionate expressions of love. In the case of married couples, they would be able to enjoy more intimacy and harmony. Married Scorpio people could spend money to make their partners happy.


Your health condition may be a little problematic, so do not overlook it. Some of you could even suffer from lung or heart-related illness. Be careful about your food intake; try to consume healthy and nutritious food on time. This will have a positive effect on your health and fitness. Regular exercise can work wonders for your health now. Go for a daily walk for around 30 minutes or practice an hour of yoga.

Money flow

Past investments could grow, and your debts, too, might come down during this transit time. It will be favorable to purchase land and other immovable properties. For those who are working in the academic field, like teachers and professors, this transit may see an improvement in finances. People who work in the food or travel industries can also make good gains now. However, there could be huge expenses for house repairs and maintenance.


You may have to put in a lot of hard work during this Jupiter transit, but this can help you get good appreciation from your superiors. There may also be plenty of support and cooperation from your bosses and colleagues. Businesspersons, too, can see their reputation soar. Their name and fame would increase. Business travels abroad can give good profits during this period.


School students with Scorpio Moon sign may have to work hard and study for extended hours; hence, they need to focus on their health. As for college students, their grasping power will advance now, and this could help them to excel in their studies. Also, research scholars would achieve success in their actions.

Transit Remedies

  • Donate clothes to professors and get their blessings
  • Donate a traditional oil lamp to the Shiva temple on Thursdays
  • Distribute chickpea (cooked gram) to devotees visiting temples
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