Jignesh Barasara- The epitome of modern business entrepreneurship

The father of modern business entrepreneurship needs no introduction. He is a man of multiple excellence. He is a business entrepreneur, philanthropist, blogger and sportsperson. Jignesh Barasara‘s mantra of how to be a successful business entrepreneur and combat various ups and downs is a Bible to budding businesses. He completed his education at the University of Mumbai and is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

His ways of keeping your business up during tough times have been a blessing during the covid lockdown. His knowledge about business development and management is impeccable. Many budding entrepreneurs look upon him for his valuable assistance on how to build their businesses.

Jignesh Barasara- The epitome of modern business

How to Fight tough times:-

Building a business and making it last through tough times is not a cakewalk.  It takes a lot of sacrifices, focus, patience and hard work to get through. Jignesh Barato explains how to use the tough times to bring around positive change for your business.

  • Learn to respect and accept change and walk with it.
  • Train more, educate and learn more. This is universally applicable for everyone from roots to the fruit of an organisation. This will add to the capabilities of your employees and hence in the long run will set your business apart.
  • Establish personal bonds and know your employees.
  • Face reality and be ready to see a downfall in revenue generation.
  • Do not go into self-doubt
  • Take the first step and grow.
  • Do not compare your level of success with your competitors.

A successful business entrepreneur believes in combining difficult situations with real-time combat responses to obtain fruitful output. The most important trait used by a successful entrepreneur during tough times is patience. To retain your existing customers during tough times, try to offer something new that sets you apart from your competitors. Never stop thinking about how to delight your customers, because tough times will not last but your customers will. Hence, ensure that you not only satisfy them but also delight them.

As a business entrepreneur, learn and remember that there is no substitute for hard work. During the initial years, you may be the first one in and the last one out to ensure that your business scales great heights. Don’t get discouraged if you do not end up with the business you started with. Remember, Jignesh Barasara has always said, accepting change is one of the key rules of being a successful business entrepreneur. Do not stay stuck at your problems, move on and identify what all would work and what would not.

Being a business entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride. You would have all kinds of days, good days, not so good and at times even have awful days but make sure that you keep walking ahead with your head up. Have a clear strategy of why your organisation is different, and what values is it adding to the world as a whole. Once the strategy is made, you can then use your manpower to work around it and execute it. This will give your business the needed power during tough times.

Organisations that can deal with the tough times ensure that they value their people as much as they value their customers and their profits. Make sure you maintain a positive attitude in your employees, during difficult phases of business. Respect them by hearing their opinions. Learn to create a work-life balance for yourself as well as your employees. Remember and practice that your business is not a one-man show, it can’t be.

Remember every single thing from resources to employees is important to survive the tough times.

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