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Jignesh Barasara- How to Cultivate a Creative Team

In business, there are various stages such as beginner, intermediate and highly successful. But, the one thing that is common in all three is the presence of an exemplary resilient and creative team. Jignesh Barasara, the most successful guide to business entrepreneur has laid out various ways to build a great team. He is a successful entrepreneur, the CEO of Alpha MD and the founder of an NGO called “Heed India”. His business development ideas have changed the course of many businesses and have helped many startups to climb the success ladder.

Jignesh Barasara

As a beginner business entrepreneur, it’s obvious that you would have the crunch of money, time and a fear of failing. However, the desire to be a brand, build your lifestyle and the choice of you controlling your business rather than the business controlling you, helps you to stay, move forward and build a great team.

Key factors while building team:-

  • Don’t try to be superman, understand that great things cannot be done alone. Trust people and understand their abilities for work delegation. Business is always about ‘We’ and never about ‘I’. The only way to build a life inside your business is to build a team and delegate work.
  • Hire Slow, practice to hire slowly, make strategies, make sure that your candidate goes through various loops so that you can ensure that you are hiring right. Hire as per previous results and not alone on formal education, words and promises.
  • Make sure that you first learn a skill that helps the market, earn money and then invest the same in your team.
  • Write down a list of things that you can’t do, shouldn’t be doing or don’t want to do and if someone can do it 80 % as good as you, delegate. This will help you hire the right people and delegate them with the right set of jobs.
  • Plans can fail left, right and centre, but not the movements. Align people with your business movement for eg, if you don’t have enough money to pay someone you are hiring for sales, you can offer them a part of the profit of your every sale. This will keep the rigour going and will establish mutual benefit. People are always eager to associate themselves, with someone better than themselves, this is where movement comes into action.
  • Create a culture of excellence while hiring. When you have the right culture, you don’t have to persuade anyone, the culture automatically pulls the people. A good culture is a blend of three things such as what you preach, what your team sees and what you recognize consistently.
  • Once you start defining your culture, everyone starts joining in and it becomes a culture. It’s very important to understand that you cannot create a culture about something that you don’t care about on a human level. You have to be authentic to drive your business movement and attract the tribe that cares about the same as you do.
  • You need to understand if your beliefs about the business culture are driving you/hurting you. To attract A-players, you need to be an A player yourself. Your business beliefs determine your business results.
  • Many people think that in business when you are stressed take some time off. This is not true because, in business, stress comes from a lack of results, so change your ways for obtaining desired results and the stress would automatically disappear.
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