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Jaisalmer Fort – The Golden Fort in the Golden Sands

If nature and man have shaken fingers in color coordination somewhere on planet earth, it must be here at Jaisalmer Fort – ruling with the color golden. Nestled within the glistering golden sands of Thar Desert, Jaisalmer Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that falls under the category of “Hill Forts of India”.

Jaisalmer Fort – A Quick Glance

  • Famous for:  UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its wealthy history, large structure, and highly spread shape.
  •  Visiting time:  7: 00am to six: 00pm
  •  Visiting period:  2 – four hours
  •  Best time to go to October to February (January – February – to wait for the wasteland competition)
  •  How to attain:  Located within the heart of Rajasthan, can be reached from the railway station in rickshaws, cabs, or taxis ( Taxi service in Jaisalmer ).

A Brief History

Portraying the closing example of historic heritage, gigantic subculture, and splendid architectural surprise, Jaisalmer Fort stands the check of time because of a long time. Built-in 1156 AD by using Rajput Rawal Jaisal, the Fort is the second oldest castle in Rajasthan. The Fort stood on the crossroads of important change routes, along with the ancient Silk Road.

Jaisalmer Fort –

Jaisalmer Fort is a first-rate rustic fusion of Islamic and Rajputana fashion of architecture which stands as a massive structure and gives a stunning sight, especially at a complete moon night time, or a starry dark night time.

The basement of the fort is four.6m (15ft) tall production forming like a wall and appearing like a double line of defense.

The Fort offers 4 entrances – Ganesh Pol, Akshaya Pol, Suraj Pol and Hawa Pol. Nestled on the pinnacle of Trikuta Hill, the Jaisalmer Fort has witnessed numerous battles, which include invasion through the Muslim rulers namely Ala-Uddin-Khilji and Mughal Emperor Humayun.

Jaisalmer Fort – An Exploration Within

The Jaisalmer Fort is one in all its types – for being the best “living” citadel within the country. Serving as domestic to a fourth of the city’s populace, the Jaisalmer Fort isn’t just a fort but a mini-metropolis that include houses, temples, shops, and restaurants. More than 3 thousand humans stay within the fortress walls with numerous entrance gates on the route up pinnacle, the closing of which directs you to the most popular public rectangular – DasheraChowk.

Right from the top, the Fort gives a lovely panoramic view of Jaisalmer town draped in golden yellow. Take a walk through the slender mystical lanes to experience the cultured beauty of the whole area soaked in golden yellow. For proper and apparent reasons, the Jaisalmer Fort is likewise referred to as the Golden Fort or the Sonar Qila.

Main Attractions inside the Fort

Made out of real requirements and proposing a metropolis towards the intense pink-yellow historical past, the Jaisalmer Fort is indeed particular inside out.

The most important attraction of the Sonar Qila is Maharawal Palace famous for its marble throne. Tazia Tower – a five-storied tower – stands right contrary to the Maharawal Palace which provides for the overall imperialism. Jawahar Palace is but another enchantment of the Fort regarded for its brilliant designs and majestic structure. The Palace became used as the royal house again then.

The entire complex is a maze of winding lanes with homes, temples, stores, guesthouses, and eating places coated up all over.

How to Reach

There are many options to reach Jaisalmer via Taxi service in Jaisalmer, auto, and Private Vehicles.

Interesting Facts about Jaisalmer Fort

  • The Rajput king, Jaisul constructed this lovely citadel after assembly a sage named Eesul who informed the king to construct a citadel on the Trikuta Hill. He added that Krishna, a Yaduvanshi descendant might establish his nation on the hill at some point.
  • Jaisalmer Fort blends flawlessly each Muslim and Rajput forms of architecture, way to the fact that the citadel has been in the arms of many Hindu and Muslim kings who contributed to its structure every now and then.
  • The yellow sandstone that contributes within the main shape of the fortress camouflage flawlessly by the golden rays of the solar making it almost invisible in opposition to the large spread of the yellow desert. This changed into intentionally performed to protect the castle from any in all likelihood enemy attacks.
  • The Fort and the surrounding yellow sand dunes create the appropriate atmosphere for barren region safari, camel rides in addition to a jeep safari. Sand surfing is also an thrilling option on the cascading sand of the wilderness.

Fairs and Festivals Celebrated inside the Jaisalmer Fort

The maximum well-known of the fairs and fairs is the popular Camel Fair held at some point of the winter every 12 months. Also called the Desert Festival, camel dances, camel races, folks dance, and track is accomplished as primary attractions for the duration of the party.

Jaisalmer Fort – Straight from the Pages of “Arabian Nights”

Want to have an enjoy amidst the pages of “Arabian Nights”? This is your region to be – the royal Jaisalmer Fort. Standing tall amongst the most important forts of the world, the Sonar Qila is the maximum popular landmark of the town Jaisalmer. Unique for being the only residing fort in India, and specific for being the only fort in Rajasthan that homes museums, shops, eating places, residential motels, resorts, and many extras.

Visit Jaisalmer Fort to experience the final imperialism – don’t omit the risk to live majestically for at least two days right here.

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