ITP Miercurea Ciuc

How long does a PTI check take?

The estimated time for a PTI check is about 1 hour at M. Comex SRL – ITP Miercurea Ciuc.

What documents are required for PTI?

Before taking your car for a PTI check, you should prepare certain documents that will be requested at the authorized stations and make sure that your car is ready to pass all the necessary checks.

The paperwork required for PTI in 2021 is not very much, the procedure is quite simple. If you need to get your car’s PTI you will need the following documents:

ITP Miercurea Ciuc
ITP Miercurea Ciuc

– The vehicle registration certificate (in original) or the provisional registration certificate;

– the vehicle’s identity card (if the car is leased or belongs to a legal person, a copy of the car’s identity card, stamped by the owner and marked “true to original”, is required);

– compulsory third party liability insurance, valid on the date of the PTI;

– the identity card of the person presenting the car for inspection


How can I check online if a vehicle has a valid PTI?

Those who have forgotten when their PTI expires can check online when they have to go to the service ( M.Comex – ITP Miercurea Ciuc ).

The information can be found on the RAR website. Here, you will have to fill in a very short form, consisting of three fields.

Of these, only two are mandatory. Either enter the CIV series or the bodywork series of the car in question.


What to check before the PTI?

To make sure you get your PTI certificate, schedule a visit to a service, where you check the following components and accessories of your car:

Discs/Pads: have enough friction material left and are not cracked

Brake lines: replace rusty segments, replace damaged rubber hoses

Steering: the steering system needs to be adjusted and any problems fixed

Tires: match the size of the tires on the car’s identification card

Rust: check all bodywork areas

Lights: check that all lights are working

Wheels and tires: check if the wheels and tires are damaged and make sure the tread depth of the tires is at least 2 millimeters

Windscreen: check that there are no cracks on the windscreen surface

Wipers: check for tears or holes in the rubber of windscreen and window wipers

Windscreen washer fluid: check that there is sufficient windscreen washer fluid, as this is a PTI elimination condition

Fuel and engine oil: check that you have enough fuel and engine oil because the PTI requires emissions testing

Seats and seat belts: check that the seat belts are functional, that they lock when fastened and release easily, and that they are not damaged. Check the driver’s seat can be adjusted front and rear

Horn: checks the horn with a short press. If it does not work, it must be repaired before the MOT

Warning lights on instrument panel: check that all lights go on and off when the key is turned in and that the speedometer is working

Number plates: check that the number plates are clean and legible

Mandatory legislative package: first aid kit, reflective triangle set, fire extinguisher, and reflective vest. All this equipment must be complete and in good condition.


How long is the PTI valid?

It is good to know, however, that the validity of the PTI varies according to the age of the vehicle, but also according to its size or intended use:

New cars – PTI every 3 years. The deadline for the first inspection is from the date of first registration and for the next periodic roadworthiness inspection from the date of the previous one.

Cars with less than 8 seats – PTI valid for 2 years

Cars older than 12 years – PTI valid for 1 year

Passenger taxi and vehicles with more than 8 seats – MOT valid for 6 months

Goods vehicles with a maximum total mass of over 3,500 kg – PTI valid for 1 year;

Motor vehicles with at least 4 wheels, for the transport of goods, with a maximum total mass of less than 3,500 kg – PTI valid for 1 year

Motorcycles, mopeds, 3-wheelers, and quadricycles – PTI valid for 2 years.


What is the fine for an expired PTI?

If your PTI has expired and you are still driving the car, you risk a fine of between 1305 and 2900 lei.

Avoid fines and the suspension of the possibility to use your car by scheduling all regular technical inspections at M.Comex – ITP Miercurea Ciuc in good time.


What are the steps in a PTI inspection?

It’s good to know the steps inspectors go through in an inspection. They check the engine and chassis series, lights, suspension, shock absorbers, brakes, drive train, steering, battery terminal voltage, reflective triangle, fire extinguisher and medical kit, tyre size conformity with the size on the tyre tread.

According to the law, at every periodic roadworthiness inspection – PTI, cars pass or fail the inspection depending on how serious the technical problems are with the car.


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