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Is Single Ended Shower Bath a Right Choice for Your Bathroom?

The single ended shower bath is a type of straight bath that is a perfect choice for a bathroom where you have limited space. The bathtubs were always a popular choice for a bathroom. People loved it for taking a highly relaxing bath experience. Their demand increased even more during the COVID-19 pandemic as people became more concerned about improving their health and wellbeing. So, are you planning to install a bathtub too? Will it be a replacement with a shower, or just want to add another fixture for your convenience? 

If you are going to replace it with a shower, then there is a way you can keep both. And that is a shower bathtub. With it, you can combine the functionalities of both the bath and the shower into a single unit. The choices available for a bathtub available today are more than ever before. From shapes to sizes and materials, you have several verities available to choose from. 

Let us have a look at what this bathtub has to offer

What is a Single Ended Shower Bath?

The single ended shower bath has few distinctive characteristics or features. That we discuss as follows

  • A Single Ended Bathtub.   The first thing is that it is a single ended shower bathtub. That simply means it has straight edges on one end while sloppy edges on the other. These sloppy edges are important as they provide a cushion to keep your arms and shoulders. 
  • Suitable For a Single Person. It is a kind of bathtub that is only suitable for one person at a time. That also means it has less depth in comparison to the double ended style option. 
  1. A Shower Bath.  That’s a shower bath, which simply means that it combines both functionalities, i.e., shower and bath, into a single fixture. The one end of this bathtub can have a shower over its head. You can simply stand there and take a shower comfortably. 

Why Do You Need Single Ended Shower Bath?

It is an ordinary bathtub; however, it is different in many ways, like offering a dual functionality of shower and bath into a single unit. Many bathrooms in the UK have limited space. Perhaps, the average size of homes in the UK has reduced in the last few decades. As a result, most homeowners struggle with installing a bathroom fixture due to limited space. So, this type of bath offers a perfect solution for all such situations. 

When do We recommend Single Ended Shower Bath?

There are many reasons to prefer such types of single ended shower bathSingle Ended Shower Bath

  • You Want a Space Saving Solution. As discussed earlier, the need for a single ended shower bath comes from combing both bath and shower into one standard fixture. Therefore, it should be your first choice when looking for a space-saving solution. 
  • You Want Both Shower and Bath in your Bathroom. Unless you are looking for a shower and bath in your bathroom, it will not be the right choice for you. However, there is no harm if you just want to use it as a bathtub and later on look for installing an overhead shower too. There are simple straight bathtubs that are also available, which may cost a bit less than this. So, the choice entirely depends upon you. 
  • You don’t have a family. Although a single ended bathtub is a great choice for everyone, we don’t recommend it for a family bathroom. In case you have kids or pets to whom you want to get a bath or shower, then a bit bigger double-ended bath will be a better choice. So, it is suitable when you install it in a personal bathroom.
  • You need an affordable shower bath. Although, there is no huge price difference between a single shower and other types of bathtubs. It is a somehow cheaper option, especially if you are tight on budget. 

 Is Single Ended Shower Bath a Right Choice for Your Bathroom?

Whether you need a single ended shower bath, or any other type of bath solution entirely depends on your requirements, bathroom layout, and personal preference. Therefore, without knowing these, it will not be possible to recommend a specific type of bath. However, after reading it, if you think it can be the right choice for you then, you can visit Royal Bathrooms UK, website to place an order for the one for you.

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