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Interior design color trends 2022

It is good to know which colors to use for the basis of the interior design, but also how to match them and in what proportions to use them so that the interior of your four walls looks like you. You will therefore have to follow your own tastes … while keeping a sense of aesthetics, because the decoration must above all be balanced ! Do you want to add some color to your interior design?

How to choose the best color pair for the interior

What color to pick up for your living room? You also wonder about the mixture of colors for a congenial interior and which wall to paint in a room? Or finally, you are wondering which colors best suit each room of your unique interior design. If you want to know how to mix up colors perfectly, you must first know the basics of hues.

First, know that there is a color wheel On this wheel, which represents the different colors, we find the trio of basic colors particularly red, yellow and blue. By mixing these only three colors in one, we obtain all the other so-called secondary colors. For instance, the mix of red and blue equals purple, the blend of red and yellow consequences orange, you’l have green while mixing yellow and blue hues

Once we have all the auxiliary colors, it is now possible to know which colors are additional and therefore good to mix and match .

The color palette that makes sense

When creating a color scheme, think about the style you want to achieve in the interior. Colors can literally change the concept of a room. A mixture of light colors will give a more spacious effect. A mix of dark colors will give a narrower effect… and more retro.

Also, color mixtures can cool or warm a room. A space in white with a few touches of gray will give a “cold” appearance. On the other hand, if you add a few touches of ocher yellow or mustard to this white, the atmosphere will immediately be warmer. Depending on your tastes, go for color combinations that will never tire of you in a few months and therefore not too garish.
When we think of a marriage of a light color and a dark shade, we most often think of these trendy shades that go well together “gray and white”, “off-white and brown” for a living room, “blue and white” for a bathroom or even “gray and pink” or “beige and gold” for a bedroom … However, if your interior is large, you can dare to mix colors a bit more daring. A mustard and gray decoration for a retro chic effect, or a black and white decoration for a monochrome style house.

There are no limits for the bright individuals

If the living room and the dining room are limited to “traditional” colors for the sake of harmony, clarity and long-term durability, the entrance and the kitchen can be places where one can dare. a few daring touches of color thanks to the furniture and decorative accessories.

You can therefore dare to buy this green console that makes you want to place it in the hall … or even dare to order a sumptuous pine green love seat that will make your heart beat faster!
Do you dream of a colorful interior inspired by Mexico? Then bet on the usage of bright or neon colors in the living room for a decor that exudes good humor.

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