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How to Turn Your Instagram into a Sales Machine

If you do not have an Instagram account, you are missing a tremendous opportunity.

Instagram is much more than a social network for teenagers and we will explain it to you with specific data.

  • Instagram has over 1 billion active users, PER MONTH!
  • A large part of users checks their Instagram at least once a day.
  • At least 90% of users follow at least one business account.
  • More than 80% of Instagram users search for information about products or services on the platform.

These numbers are projected to continue to grow and this translates into a business opportunity that you can take advantage of. If you still don’t have an Instagram account for your company, don’t worry, you still have time to start and turn your account into a sales machine.

Below we will explain everything you must do to boost the reach of your account, including organic techniques and strategies and the possibility of buy Instagram likes Canada in services such as SuperViral.Ca.

Get interactions for your publications

In general, Instagram users feel more confident when they see that the level of interactions in the publications of an Instagram account is high. Usually, the number of likes translates into reputation and influence. That is why the first step is to try to maintain a level of interactions in your publications, but not only in those that you do from now on but also in those that you have already done.

For this, you can apply different strategies such as sharing your old publications in your stories or agreeing with other influencers to do so. Another alternative is to buy real likes for your account and distribute them among several publications to increase the confidence that your audience feels when browsing your profile.

It’s time to transform your Instagram profile

Google is still the platform par excellence in which consumers search for information about products before buying them, that is clear. However, Instagram has gained considerable ground in this regard.

This means that you have to optimize your profile and make it friendly and discoverable for any potential customers. To do so, you must take these aspects into account. You also have an option to buy Instagram Followers Canada to increase your reach and visibility.

Choose a profile picture

This will depend on your account, but it must be a representative photograph or image of your account. This can be a selfie if you manage a personal account or a logo that is easily identifiable if you have a business account.

Write a good bio

Bios are often looked down upon and this is a serious mistake. Make sure to write a bio that is short, direct, and represents your brand. The bio is the first thing that Instagram followers will see when they enter your profile, so you must make sure that it is eye-catching and invites them to follow you. Think about the aspects that differentiate you from other brands and add them to your bio to stand out.

Include a link

On Instagram, the links are quite limited, but you must make sure to place them where the platform allows it. The bio is the perfect place for this, since, unlike the link that you add in your publications (which your followers would have to copy / paste), this is a real link that they can enter just by clicking. When it comes to sales through Instagram you must send your followers in the right direction. With the link in your bio, the exact same thing happens, do not link to your home page or another similar section, it is more effective to do it directly to the section where your followers can purchase your products. Are looking for the best site to buy Instagram Followers Canada, then SuperViral.Ca can be your ideal choice.

Define your aesthetics

Defining an aesthetic is the best opportunity you will have to make your followers identify your publications immediately.

Whether you are working with a specific color palette or a set of brightness/contrast and saturation. The important thing is to create a distinctive look and maintain it as much as possible. This way your followers will know what to expect when they follow you. And will recognize your posts immediately even if they don’t see your username directly.

Perhaps in personal accounts, we can allow ourselves to be spontaneous with our publications. But if the intention is to sell we must take care of every aspect of our publications, from the quality of the photos to the captions that we add to describe them, taking into account all the necessary aspects to writing the perfect caption

Remember that the intention is to show your products in the most flattering way possible and being careful with your publications will make your followers have a more favorable perception of what you are selling them.

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Invest in Instagram Ads

Many people shy away from investing in advertising on social networks because they think it is very complicated .And nothing is further from the truth, at least in the case of Instagram.

If you already have a business or content creator account, you can promote your posts. Establish a daily budget and duration time for your campaign. Then you can choose different characteristics to determine what type of users you want to reach. These characteristics include basic demographics (age, location, gender) and specific interests.

Start with small campaigns and make adjustments based on the results.

Set up your Instagram store

Instagram recognizes its own potential for selling products, which is why it has included e-commerce features available for some profiles.

Although these features are available in some countries and you must meet certain conditions to be able to enjoy them. The truth is that it augurs a promising future for stores that do business through Instagram.

By having an eligible account, you will be able to link your Instagram account to an external site like BigCommerce or Shopify to make your catalog available on your Instagram profile.

Take a look at the Instagram conditions to see if you are eligible. If you are, you just have to send your profile for review. And once it is approved you will only have to activate this function in your business account. And choose the products you want to show on your Instagram profile. In addition, this will also allow you to tag these products in your publications and add purchase stickers to your stories.

Start applying these steps and you will see how little by little your Instagram account begins to generate more and more sales with each publication. If you want more tools and tips for your social networks, click here.



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