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How to Style your Living Room with Some Simple Decorating Ideas?

We have crossed halfway of 2021, and we have spent most of the times inside our homes. We juggled our work and lives from home. Our homes handled everything with all perfection. Have a look at furniture stores in India and spruce up your interior of the home and décor with new furniture pieces from Saraf Furniture.

Our homes need more attention than we provide them. Our home needs an ultimate makeover by investing in furniture to buy online in India. Here are some easy and efficient ways of transforming your home by choosing the right furniture pieces.

Revamp your living room with L shape sofa sets

People rarely invest in L shape sofa set. It is one of the best home decoration ideas. Living room needs to fill up more people and make them comfortable. But if you are looking for living room furniture online then Saraf furniture has wide range of sofa sets for cozy and comfortable seats.

  • Varied colors: You have to focus on the colour and the design of the sofa set for living room. It is the most significant room of the house. Sectional sofas are best due to their designs. They offer extra seating in a small space. These sofas are more welcoming, offer more relaxed, and casual vibe than traditional sofa.
  • Adjustable with space: Sectional sofas are great for small spaces and adjust really well into any space. As L-shaped sofas come in sections they can be adjusted to build any shape according to the space of the room. At Saraf, sectional sofas are available in wide range of styles, designs and colours. They can be made focal point with the latest sectional sofa online with a clean minimalist look, comfortable back cushions and have lounge feel.
  • Easy to clean: If you have a large family then leather sectional sofa is the right fit for you. Leather sofas are ideal for family with more members as they are easy to clean. They suit very well into large Indian families due to their style and functionality. Having sectional sofa is great idea therefore prefer a fabric that is more cozy and less flashy.
  1. Modernize your living room with TV unit

There are several ideas of investing in living room furniture in your budget irrespective of the size of the room. You can make your TV center of attraction by investing in elegant TV unit.

  • Center of attraction: Saraf furniture has made sheesham solid wooden TV unit for your space to draw attention of everyone whoever is in your room. There are several reasons to invest in TV cabinet. A good TV unit helps you organize better. It offers enough space for everything that you need to make your TV experience big. It has drawer with lot of compartments to fit everything in it.
  • Multipurpose: TV cabinets are used multi purposely. You can use a potted plant or add some photo frames, this way you can use TV cabinets as memory keeper or fantasy holder. It will also give extra space to your room and will make movement easy.
  • Declutter mess: The biggest advantage of keeping a TV cabinet, it reduces mess. There will be no tripping over of wires and cables. Visit furniture to buy online in India and find several cabinets and solve the problem of putting the wires out of sight.

Upgrade the décor of your living room by picking TV unit designs. Saraf furniture provides durability, strength and different shades of wood to make your room vibrant.

  1. Bring perfect coffee table to your home

Nothing can match your sofa set with an aesthetic coffee table. Coffee tables gives stylish and practical both kind of looks. Pay attention to the texture, color and finish of a wooden coffee table. Dark wooden round coffee table complements with any kind of the interior of the room.

  • Round coffee table: If you have got small living room then round coffee table is best for your comfortable environment. You can also place two cocktail tables on both sides of your sofa set. This will make more space in your room especially in front of your sofa.
  • Fold-up coffee table: If you have limited space, then small coffee tables with drawers will suit best for you. The drawers will help hide all the clutter and flat surface will work as a bookshelf. There is always a coffee table for every budget. Fold-up coffee tables are available in different styles and sizes. They can be closed up and kept aside if not needed. This is an innovative piece of furniture made just for you and your small space.
  • Extendable coffee table: Then there are extendable round coffee tables for your space. This table is used when you need more space. They are smartly designed to follow up when you don’t need extra space. Saraf furniture has strikingly stylish sheesham solid round coffee tables at their furniture stores in Hyderabad India.

Glass round coffee table will make your living room look bigger. It is hard to find one with drawers but it allows the eye to pass through it. Coffee table gives you the chance to play games together, eat meals, and practice various activities of togetherness.

  1. Make a cozy nook with a good bookshelf

Bookshelves add lot of style to your space. They make a room better place to live in. Bookshelves can also be used to keep decorative and to add the extra elegance to the room. There are several uses of bookshelves to provide the marvelous look to your room.

  • Space Saving: Bookshelves are available at furniture stores in India. It can be placed against the wall anywhere in the living room. This bookshelf piece not only just save space but also make extra space for other furniture pieces. At Saraf, bookshelves are available in various designs. Such as open shelf bookcases, glass door cabinets, and much more.
  • Appealing: Bookshelves are quite functional but also reflect the style of the owner of the house. Bookshelves provide both modern and traditional style of decoration to the living room. You can place items that reflect your personality, interests, and choices. It will also enhance the color of your place.
  • Organize the room: Book racks help organizing the room in a better way. It is designed in the way that can hold plenty of items and offer access to everyone. Give contrasting look by mixing up the different heights of the book and other items.
  • Easily accessible: Sheesham wooden shelves are strong and are quite accessible due to its flexible characteristics. Materials can be arranged in whatever way you want and it will be quite easy for you as well. Give your living room small unit that will enhance your overall look of the house.

Your room is incomplete without a bookshelf. It is a versatile kind of furniture piece which are easily available on living room furniture online. So, choose one that matches your décor, interior and your personal taste.

  1. Add some decor in the room

  • Mix up the lightning of the room: Change the placement of floor lamps and the bulbs to provide the dramatic effect to the room. Place the floor lamp to the different sides of the room and check which place of the room is highlighted. To freshen up the living room more, place the lamps where there is more shadow.
  • Create reflection with mirrors: Make use of different types of candles and lanterns to transform your living room in an effective way. It will make your glow up your room and make it more appealing. Nothing is less mesmerizing than some low lightning. You can also hang mirrors to bounce light around the room. Different sizes of mirrors hanged around the room will be quite effective.
  • Wall décor: Try hanging charming wall feature. It will provide your room the unique and intriguing decorative look. For an aesthetic look, approach to decorating your living room with oversized wall art. It offers scriptural feeling to any space.
  • Display some art on shelves: More stylish and appealing can be provided with displaying framed pictures on shelves. Exhibition posters or vintage art pieces can be kept on the small shelves to shift your room. This will provide instant glamour to your room. Look out furniture stores in Bangalore India for must have furniture pieces and transform the room in your own way.

To declutter your living room, these above mention tips will make your room more comfortable. Living room is the place where feel and function both are determined. By these little changes without even spending much money you can help your room decorate and spruce it up in a different way. Restyling your living room interior will give space new lease to your home.

  • Upgrade your living room with Saraf furniture

Saraf furniture give furniture pieces a great sense and taste of purpose and make your room more functional. Simple decorating with lamps and modifying shelves will make big difference to your home. Adding some new features to your living room will update your style and help you feel more updated and attractive. Updating living room furniture is important for your comfort as well. To provide improved flow and more functionality to your room, upgrading is very important.

  • Conclusion

The purpose of the living room is to offer you and your family a place to relax and entertain. Living room upgrading ensures a space that perfectly matches your tastes. The colour, design, flooring, lightning, décor items all these things should speak directly to you and make you feel like home.

Saraf furniture chooses the safest, best and efficient furniture pieces to provide you the true pleasure. Visit furniture stores in Bangalore India to update your style and uplift your living.

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