How to strategize your CLAT 2022 preparation?

Common Law Admission Test is an offline centralized examination in which 60,000 young candidates appeared last year to get into the top 21 National Law Universities of India. Out of those 60,000, there are only 2,300 seats for undergraduate law candidates and just 507 for postgraduate law candidates everywhere in India.

Getting into one of these top universities is in itself a dream come true for many, but are you working hard enough to make this dream a reality? Are you ready for the test that will decide your fate?

Well, we are here to guide you in the conduct of CLAT 2022 without any hassle.

Before taking the direct toll on CLAT preparation, allow us to at least have a first look at the essential details one must update themselves regarding CLAT 2022.

What is CLAT?

CLAT stands for ‘Common Law Admission Test’. It is organized annually for college kids who want to make law a career. The nationwide examination is conducted to get admission in the simplest national law universities across the country. Along with the highest NLU, other private and government law ranking colleges also consider the CLAT eligibility criteria. The primary priority of all law aspirants is to qualify CLAT to step into a reputed law college in India.

CLAT is also the gateway for admission to the five-year integrated program in Law and LLB and LLM.

The test is divided into five sections; Hence, scholars preparing for CLAT 2022 need to make an in-depth study plan overall and section-wise and adapt to the specific strategies to prepare well for the exam.

Composition of CLAT 2022

CLAT 2022 will be an offline test consisting of 150 objective type questions, each carrying one mark; The paper has to be completed in 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours. This set of questions will have multiple answer options, out of which one will be correct. If the candidate answers an issue correctly, he/she will get one mark, while an incorrect answer will attract a penalty of 0.25 marks.

Here is a table showing the structure of the exam, which can help in the conduct of CLAT

  • English with Comprehension – 28-32 MCQs – 28-32 Marks
  • Current Affairs including Public Knowledge – 35-39 MCQs – 35-39 Marks
  • Quantitative Techniques – 35-39 MCQs – 35-39 Marks
  • Legal Reasoning – 28-32 MCQs – 28-32 Marks
  • Logical Reasoning – 13-17 MCQs – 13-17 Marks

Total Questions – 150 MCQs – 150 Marks

CLAT 2022 Preparation Techniques

Learn new words everyday

English and hence, the broad section of this exam is relatively easy and scoring. Provided, one must be versed in the honest eloquence of words. If taken without any consideration, this easy scoring section can deduct your marks. This section will test the candidate’s broad proficiency, understanding of vocabulary and grammar. Your vocabulary should be varied. Building your vocabulary cannot happen overnight. It requires days or maybe months of daily effort and practice. Try to get acquainted in as many words as possible every day. Make it a daily goal to find out at least five new words you didn’t know before. Use these newly learned words in your daily conversation. Learning everyday words is not a big problem once you are familiar with a thesaurus. Keep the dictionary handy. You will aim to find out the words randomly taken out from the dictionary; Otherwise, you can also install gaming applications like and Word of the Day on your smartphone for a better and more fun learning approach.

Don’t rush things.

Comprehension and reading can be a ‘cakewalk’ if you patiently take the time to read the paragraph. It requires day to day practice. Read it once, twice or thrice before answering the questions. The key is to interrupt the sentence and examine it to get its meaning. You must add each word. Keep this section within priority as per the new exam pattern released by the Consortium National Law University on January 1, 2022. A greater type of questions from all sections will be given more emphasis.

Read Newspapers

Be it magazines, newspapers, blogs or editorials, and reading is an important part of preparing yourself for CLAT. Reading newspapers will also help you to increase your public knowledge and build your vocabulary. Install apps like Jagranjosh, Inshorts to request daily updates on current affairs happening across the world.

You should also read news blogs or websites like The Quint, and BBC News.

Learn tricks and familiarize yourself with formulas

Solving the Logical Reasoning section becomes easy once you understand the proper approach to solve the questions. These are some of the tricks and techniques that will help you in clearing this section. Pattern recognition questions, correct illogical statements and similes. Practising these tricks and formulas will help you in the reasoning section.

Take Mock Tests

Get started with Mock Tests right away! Your CLAT syllabus may not be complete, but mock tests will help to analyze your preparation level. You won’t know where to direct all your efforts until you know where you’re going wrong. Aim to know about 10-15 CLAT test series just before your actual exam.

You can quickly access CLAT online Mock Test supported by the new pattern from here. To help you speed up your online and offline preparation of CLAT for 2022, we have a variety of packages at discounted rates.

Also, while solving these mock papers, follow the instructions applicable for the particular exam like turning off the phone and strictly adhering to the time limit.

Strategize for a while

Although it is challenging to manage time with the busy schedule of faculties and tutoring, you have to put in the effort. Strategize your routine so that you make it the most important. Set your goals every day and make it a goal to accomplish them. Make a schedule and stick to it. You should never compromise with your practice time. Place a timer or stopwatch on the table to see how long you will need to take each question to finish the paper. Maintain a journal or growth chart and practice regularly. It can also help you introspect as you keep track of your development.

The above strategies can help you crack the upcoming CLAT exam with ease. The most important essential part of preparation is believing in yourself. Trust your instincts and be confident about your decision. Try to incorporate the above guidelines into the maximum amount possible. Preparing for CLAT can also be tough so take full care of your mental and physical health. Eat well and get plenty of sleep.

Cracking a cleat can certainly seem complicated, but it isn’t impossible. We are always there to guide our students in Law Prep Tutorials. If you have any questions or doubts, you’ll post them in the comments section below, and we’ll be happy to help!

Best of Luck!

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