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How to Shop Bra Styles You’ll Actually Look Forward to Wearing

Bra language can be confusing, and the garments themselves can seem complicated. Add to that an endless amount of bras to choose from for every shape and size with varying degrees of comfort and support, all constructed with different materials. But it’s a very good thing that bras have evolved and there are now more options than ever. Women have choices and don’t have to wear uncomfortable bras that don’t fit right. It’s also worth your time to shop bra brands you can get behind to find your perfect fit. You want to feel good about your purchases. The following bra knowledge sprinkled with a bit of history may help you appreciate your bra journey.

Are 34B Bras the Most Common Size?

At one point in time, it was believed that 34B bras were the most common bra size for women in the U.S. But more recently, a survey revealed that 36 DD (or 34E) is the average size. Why the discrepancy? The fact is women are no longer settling for poor-fitting, unflattering, and uncomfortable bras. There are many more sizes available today, too, which means bigger breasts aren’t being forced into smaller bra sizes. Whether you wear 34B bras or 34E bras, the main objectives are that they fit you comfortably and offer the necessary support. Some of the best brands even provide a wider range of bra sizes than what’s typically offered, further helping people find their best size.

How Can You Find a Bra That Actually Fits Well?

Your bra straps should sit comfortably without digging into your shoulders or slipping off. Your breasts should fill the cups without visible gapping or spilling over the top. The center strip of fabric should lay flat against your chest, and the wires between the two cups shouldn’t dig into your skin. It’s wise to get a proper fitting from time to time because your size changes throughout life, and many women are often wearing the wrong size. You don’t even have to leave your home because some of the best brands offer online fit quizzes and virtual fittings.

What Type of Bra Style Should You Choose: Half Bra, Full Coverage, Plunging?

Some of the most popular bras are tried-and-true classics with a modern approach. It depends on what you like and feel most confident wearing. You likely want to have more than one bra style in your collection. Demi bra and balconette or half bra options are a few of the most common. The amount of coverage they provide can range from one bra brand to the next, but either type may work for you. You can also find modern takes on demi bras and balconettes, such as unlined and smooth materials instead of push-up, padded styles.

Should You Shop Bra Styles That Are Sensual or Supportive?

When you shop bra styles from the best brands, you don’t have to choose between sensual or supportive intimates. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. You should feel beautiful and confident in your intimates while also getting the comfort and support you need. Your bra is a celebration of your body and not merely a piece of fabric that covers your breasts. When shopping for bras, ask yourself if each garment makes you feel sensual and supported.

About CUUP

Known for their innovation and quality, CUUP continues to push the envelope with their collection of high-performing intimates and swimwear, including half bra styles. They use top-quality materials such as power mesh and recycled nylon to create long-lasting, responsibly sourced, and expertly crafted pieces. Whether you wear 34B bras or 38H bras from their 40 sizes offered, A to H, you can shop bra options and feel supported all day. It’s time to say goodbye to wire pokes with their flexiwire and cut out the unnecessary frills and lace for elevated, iconically unlined bras. Never sacrifice performance, style, or comfort with this leading company and their sensual collection. Treat yourself, empower a friend, engage with their online community, and celebrate the female form with CUUP knowing you get it all.

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