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How to Set Roadrunner Email Settings for IMAP and POP Server?

Roadrunner is, without a doubt, an excellent email service. It is provided by the leading communication-based company, Time Warner Cable (TWC). All users of TWC services can use Roadrunner email services. If you want to use the mail service, then you will have to configure its settings. This guide gives you all the instructions on how to configure Roadrunner email settings and use them efficiently. 

How to Set up the Roadrunner IMAP Server

One of the types of servers, i.e., POP or IMAP, is needed for configuring email on mail applications like Outlook. After setting up your Roadrunner email account on the mail application, you can start with the manual configuration of Roadrunner IMAP server settings.

  • Open the email application and input the credentials of your Roadrunner email. 
  • Go to the option of ‘Manual Setup’ and untick ‘Automatically Configure.’
  • Choose ‘IMAP Server Settings’ and follow these configuration steps.
    1. The Account Type should be ‘IMAP.’
    2. The incoming server should be
    3. 143 should be the incoming mail server port number.
    4. Choose ‘SSL/TLS’ as the security type. 
    5. The outgoing server should be
    6. 587 should be the outgoing mail server port number.
    7. Choose ‘None as the security type. 
    8. Choose ‘None’ as the insecure port.
    9. Input your email ID in the field of ‘Email.’
    10. Untick the option of ‘Secure server.’
    11. Untick the option of ‘Verified certificate.’
    12. Input your Roadrunner credentials and hit ‘Next.’
    13. Give the account name that you wish to appear on your system’s screen.
    14. Now press ‘Done.’

How to Set up the Roadrunner POP Server

If you choose the POP server, then you need to configure the email settings a little differently. Go through these points.

  • Choose the ‘Settings’ option on your Roadrunner webmail.
  • Select ‘POP Settings’ when you visit the manual server settings.
  • Change your account type as ‘POP.’ Now follow these configuration steps.
    1. The incoming server should be
    2. The port type of the incoming server is POP3, and the port number should be 995.
    3. Choose ‘None as the security type. 
    4. The outgoing server should be
    5. 587 should be the outgoing mail server port number.
    6. Choose ‘None as the security type. 
    7. Input your email ID and password for the incoming and outgoing username.
    8. Press the ‘Done button.

What Are Roadrunner Email Settings for Windows Live Mail Account Via the POP Server?

You can also configure your server settings for the Windows Live Mail account. These are the steps for it.

  • Tap the ‘File’ button on the Microsoft email and then tap ‘Add account.’
  • Next, tap ‘Manually configure server settings.’
  • Fill in your name in the section of ‘Email name’ and input your email address in the username section.
  • Choose POP 3 server after clicking ‘Account type.’
  • Input as incoming and outgoing servers.
  • Tap the ‘Finish’ button.

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After configuring your Roadrunner email settings successfully, you will benefit from a seamless email service. Follow the server settings as described above and start using your Roadrunner email. You won’t face any configuration-related problems. 


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