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How to sell CSGO smurfs and csgo prime accounts?


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csgo account silver 1


Are you bored of playing with your old csgo smurfs and wishing to sell your csgo smurf accounts? Well, your search ends here! If you

We the welcomes all the users who want to sell their csgo ranked accounts and smurf accounts. So, if you are no longer interested in playing the game, you can bet on your csgo accounts and can sell them to other players.

What are the things that should be taken care of while selling your account?

There are several points to be taken care of while setting your account for sale. Following are the points to be remembered. Gaming

  • While selling your CSGO smurf account, the priority is to search and select genuine buyers. Several websites do not follow the rules and then play against you.
  • Whenever you sell your account, it’s not just the account that you hold but the entire steam. It is important to have deals with a genuine buyer only as your steam account holds your personal details such as card details, name, location, etc. There is a possibility that the buyer may change the steam credentials and can access your card details.
  • Make sure to have a secured transaction.
  • Do not disclose all your details to the buyer. They may use them against you.

How to trade your csgo account for Reak money?

You can easily sell your account in exchange for real money. Different players csgo account silver 1
to enter in the real game. So, to sell your accounts, follow the steps given below-



  • Register on the website as a seller.
  • Now, fill up the registration form by entering the credentials required to complete the process.
  • Once registered, you can now start posting about your account.
  • As soon as your post attracts a buyer, you will be notified instantly. We provide instant delivery to the buyers, so if you do not want this, you can disable this option. After this, you can hand over the account manually to your buyer.
  • Once the buyer confirms the payment procedure on the system, you will be paid instantly.

Why should you consider

If you want to have a business by selling your csgo smurfs, then is the best place to have your hands on. You can sell all of your Buy Prime ranked accounts with ease and the website also includes several tools that will boost up your sales for sure. Here are reasons why to trade with

  • We provide direct payments without any intermediaries in between the process. This builds up trust with our customers and provides them a safe environment.
  • Secondly, the sellers are being sent the quote which includes the terms and conditions. They are based on the ranks or level of your account, the value of your Csgo account, and its status. As soon as the quote is accepted by the seller, the account is being traded at the moment.
  • Our website holds some of the extensive policies which prevent dealing with any sort of fraud.
  • We promote safe and secure transactions to build the trust factor of our customers.
  • Being a reputed website owner, we have more than thousands of people connected with us. As the site has successfully bought or sell csgo accounts from them.


Here we would like to conclude this article. We hope that all of you must have got the desired information regarding the topic. presents you with the best deals as compared to other websites. You may have a clear idea about how to sell your CSGO high Tier Accounts and the CSGO ranked accounts. On this note, we would like to thank you for your presence. At last but not least, you can drop down your queries and troubles faced during the process, kindly use the comment section below.

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