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How to Remove Instagram Account Linked to Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected to almost everyone. Over time, there is a need to remove, disconnect. We will explain these processes to you with pictures.


The merger of Facebook and Instagram accounts on a common denominator expanded the usage network of both social media. Switching easily between the same account has made the work of users much easier

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How to Unlink Instagram from Facebook Account Pictorial Lecture

The other reason is; deciding whether to use an account as a business and an account as an individual. We log in to our Facebook account and the application, click on the “3 lines” in the lower right corner and then log in to the “settings” under my “settings and privacy” section.




To remove the Instagram link on our Facebook account, we will see the “accounts centre” area at the bottom of the page. As in the illustrated narration, we enter the accounts centre, then our Instagram account, which is connected to Facebook, will appear.

It says 2 next to accounts and profiles. In other words, he is talking about Facebook Instagram accounts. We log in by clicking here and click on remove the Instagram account from the Facebook accounts centre from the page that comes up.

The link is no more from Instagram and Facebook. You can also do this on Instagram. So, removing the Instagram account in the Facebook link will also correspond to the same thing.

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Removing Facebook Account from Instagram Application Illustrated Lecture

From the tabs that appear after the settings section, we first click on the “account” and the second step, on the “share in connected applications” field. If you are using different software or version, this field may also appear as linked accounts.

A detailed list will come up to remove the Facebook link from our Instagram account . You can see the list of different social media networks. We click on the Facebook section at the top and log in to the accounts centre.

The “Accounts centre” area is exactly the same as the disconnect we did in the Facebook app. After clicking on the area marked with red, our Facebook and Instagram accounts will appear in separate ways. And now we will select the Facebook account that we want to remove.

After selecting the Facebook account, you will see the phrase “remove from the accounts centre” at the bottom. You can unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram application or account by following the illustrated narration. If you are having trouble disconnecting between accounts, you can help us from our technical support team in the comment section.



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