How To Recreate Harley Quinn Costumes Look For Halloween

Every year we at least see one Harley Quinn Halloween Costume, and wearing Harley Quinn’s costume could be the good reason. Harley Quinn, whose full name is Harleen Frances Quinzel, has been an iconic supervillain since her DC Comics in The Batman Adventures in 1993. To batman’s supervillain archnemesis Joker, Harley is not just the humorous henchwoman but also an icon in her own right. She started crime on her own and started fighting alongside her friend and fellow Gotham city villain, poison ivy.  Harley Quinn has been the character of DC comics for decades until Margot Robbie played her character in suicide squad 2016, which interests the villain to the next level. 


Robbie has played Harley Quinn in two more DC comics movies since Suicide Squad: Birds of Prey 2020 and the Suicide Squad 2021. Both the series have iconic outfits. And Harley Quinn’s OG suicide costume seems a Halloween fan favorite as well. Not only for Halloween, individuals so far try to copy her in their daily lives because of her colorful and badass character. Her blue and pink color hairstyle attracts individuals more than that. I saw many girls dyeing their hair into Pink and blue colors. As they love funky hair color and they wanted to look like her. After listening so much about her character, I decided to give the suicide squad a try. 


This summer, I watched Suicide Squad frequently, and I fell in love with Harley Quinn’s character. When it comes to comics, I’m not a fan of comics and comic books movies. Before watching the Suicide Squad, I hardly know who Harley Quinn is. I heard about her character, and I saw her few posts and videos that revolved around social media. After watching Suicide Squad, it attracts me more than I ever imagine. In this movie, she has a ruling character and it inspired me a lot for being a strong character. So I decided to dress as Harley Quinn this year. When October rolls around the corner, you’ll probably find yourself asking the same question as me: what should I wear this Halloween? In my opinion, Harley Quinn’s costumes are the best choice for this Halloween. 


If you want to try something and something unique for Halloween this year, you should also go for Harly Quinn’s costumes without any doubt. You don’t need to go for any other characters trusty witches and pirates characters can wait for next year. If you also want to dress as Harley Quinn this Halloween, then keep reading. I’m going to maintain Harley’s few costumes from different movies. So you get to know how one can dress as Harley Quinn for Halloween? 


Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Halloween Costume And Harley Quinn Bat

Harley Quinn’s suicide squad costume is one of the most iconic ones with so many reviews. This costume is a replica of Margot Robbie’s outfits in Suicide Squad 2016, which includes Harley Quinn’s red and blue satin jackets, aka Harley Quinn Halloween jacket with “Daddy’s Lil Monster” written on it. Red and blue shorts, fishnet tights, and bedazzled belt. This appearance perfectly fits for fighting crime. Harley Quinn’s look is incomplete without her bat. This Harley Quinn suicide squad Halloween bat, which is embellished with “GOODBYE” and other definite engravings from the Suicide Squad movies, is 31.5 inches long and made up of hardwood. Warner Brothers and DC Comic approve that the bat is likewise formal which makes it one of the most legitimate props for your Harley Quinn Halloween outfit. The costume is now completed. This costume looks flawless when you wear it at any Halloween party. 


Harley Quinn’s Birds Of Prey 

If you are not a fan of Suicide squad costumes fan? Then the Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Halloween costume will fit in your style. This costume is modeled after Margot Robbie’s look from Birds of prey 2020. This costume includes Harley Quinn’s signature tasseled Harley Quinn jacket, her clear pink top which, is matched with suspenders, and striped signature denim style shorts. This look is kind of childish and psychiatric. 


Harley Quinn Comic Book Halloween Costume

Harley’s look can be more retro, and if you like to go for more retro, you can go for Harley Quinn’s comic book Halloween costume. It gives you all bossy and retro vibes.  From the Batman DC comic and Batman, the animated series, it is modeled after the signature of the villain’s redd and black outwear. This costume catches the attention of many people. It gets a lot of reviews and stars. This iconic look of Harley Quinn’s includes Harley’s long sleeves black and red jumpsuit with attached cuffs and tops boot. This costume includes a white-collar, black and red gloves, and Harley’s signature black eye mask, and along with that black and red jester, the headpiece. DC Comic official licensed the costume for legit. 


Arkham City Harley And Arkham Knight Harley

Harley Quinn’s role continues into the video game, and the costume of video games of Harley Quinn becomes popular. The next most popular costume among fans is the costume of the video game Batman: Arkham City. Her look in this game is flawless.  In the video game of this series, Harley Quinn was the joker’s caretaker. The joker’s battle against an illness is caused after taking an injection of the titan formula in the first game leaves him, giving him deadly side effects. 


In the game, from sidekick to the caretaker and beyond. The outfit of hers shows off the gang-infested territory look in that Arkham city that has become the part of the Gotham was quarantined off from the rest of the city. This costume mixes both her iconic red and black scheme. This look of Harley includes leather black and maroon pant with a cropped top and leather belt, which looks stunning, and a black choker. It also includes pair of gloves. If you want that badass vibes costume, then you just give it a try for once at least.


When Harley Quinn’s appeared in the last game of the series, Batman, Arkham Knight, her final look in the Arkham permit (thus fur) came. The various villains of Gotham come together after scarecrow united as one united and take over the city. when the joker was gone to order of things there is one to install madness. Making cooperation impossible. The joker still weeping, Harley badly wanted to join the scarecrow’s squad of villains, this sleek combination of her costumes from her first two games. This costume includes a dress that is black with white and maroon detailing paired with legging, black choker, and lace-up gauntlets. You also wear a Harley Quinn costume jacket to make it more likely. 


Rebirth Costume Of Harley Quinn

The most famous costume that attracts fans’ attention has to be DC Comics over the years is the rebirth costume of Harley Quinn, after comics of the Rebirth era and suicide squad. Harley wears her style that is red and black Harlequin color style.  She usually wears a red and black jacket and a matching tank top and shorts along with her long boot. It also includes her vast array of weapons, including her trusty mallet or hammer. 


These are some of Harley Quinn’s costumes that are on my priority list, and surely you are also going to love them. They meet all the needs of Harley’s character. Wearing these costumes gives you all Harley’s badass vibes. Her costume portrayed her character very well. The iconic costume of Harley Quinn’s is evergreen for Halloween. As they make you feel you are strongest. I prefer Harley Quinn’s costume for Halloween. These costumes never disappointed me. As I can not only wear them on Halloween only, I can pair them with casual dresses too. They are super funky and cool. 


The buzz about Suicide Squad is taking over. And so is the growing fame of actress Margot Robbie who portrayed Harley Quinn’s character. Her character is the most talked-about character of DC comics of the year. Or you can say supervillain, at the very least. If someone doesn’t want to adopt a Harley Quinn costume this Halloween It would be surprising for me. Because the movie only won the hearts of people over the entertainment. But I do also agree on two main factors about Harley’s character. First that she is completely a twisted personality. And second that she is a total badass woman, it also makes her costume more fun. What else do you want, a costume with a total badass twisted character’s costume? 


Between Halloween and comic cons, I have already seen a huge number of Harley Quinn look-alikes walking around in their daily routine. And it is a fun fact that Harley Quinn was the most google-searched for the Halloween costume last year.  Because from the prettiest to the scary and to the funky and strange combination of both that she embodies. She is the most adaptable character all around the globe. 

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