How to Recover Deleted Documents from USB – Get Solution

You burned the midnight oil to accomplish a task. Next, you realize the documents are accidentally deleted by you.

This can bring anxiety attacks to anyone. How to recover deleted documents from USB is the question that appears in the next moment of realization.

We will exhibit the renowned methods to retrieve deleted documents from USB. To avoid time wastage and to reduce chances of overwriting word documents you can straight jump to data recovery solution.

USB drives are the handy tool used by every user. Its affordability and portability made it a necessity to carry and share data information.

In the business realm, documents are mutually shared using USB drives/ pen drives. Deletion of important documents can ruin the disciplined hard work.

Cautionary Steps to Be Taken

Before going further make sure to follow the below mentioned cautionary steps

  • Instantly stop using the USB drive/ Pen drives when you realize the valuable Word documents have been deleted. Disconnect it and keep it safe until you download the data recovery solution on your machine.
  • Do not make any kind of modification such as the addition or deletion of data from the USB drive. It will result in overwriting of data that makes the recovery process more complicated eventually impossible.

Reasons for Documents Deletion from USB Drive

It would be helpful to understand that what has caused the deletion of documents from USB. There are various reasons that are responsible for it.

  1. Unintentional document deletion
  2. Virus infection corrupted the Word document.
  3. Fragmented data
  4. Natural Calamities such as moisture accumulation, high temperature.
  5. Faulty hardware firmware
  6. Software crash down due to conflict or incompatibility
  7. The Power strike caused damage to the USB component.
  8. Accidental formation due to unreadability of USB drive.

By now you might have been confronted with the culpable reason that caused the deletion. To understand how to recover deleted documents from USB, we will showcase the widely known and practiced solution that is SysTools USB Data recovery utility.

These are the steps that need to execute to retrieve deleted word documents from USB. These four steps will recover deleted word doc from USB.

Four Steps to Retrieve Deleted Word Documents from USB

  1. Download and Install the USB deleted data recovery tool from the official page. Supported in 14 worldwide language you can choose your native language and install on your Windows machine and launch it.
  2. Detection of USB drive on the home page. Attach the USB drive that you kept safe to the system. On the home page click on the Refresh View to detect it. After detection simply clicks on Scan mode below under the selected drive. This will start the scanning and retrieve deleted word documents from USB. This will start the scanning and recover deleted word doc from USB.
  3. Selection of files All the retrieved deleted word documents from USB will be shown in the recovery panel. The deleted file that is recovered deleted word documents from USB will be shown in the Red color for easy recognition. You can also select the Filter option to only select the documents (including word doc, files, etc.). Refer to this image. Select the files or root folder to retrieve deleted documents from USB the entire folder. After selection click on the Save option.
  4. Save the recovered files. When you are satisfied with the selection of recovered deleted documents from USB, simply browse the location to save them. You can choose the existing folder or can create a new folder to name it and export the desired files. Now you would have an appropriate method for how to retrieve deleted documents from USB without confronting any issue.

Retrieve Deleted Word Documents from USB using CMD command prompt

Users can also try to recover deleted word docs from USB using inbuilt windows command lines and attrib parameters.
Here are the commands that can help you to retrieve deleted word documents from USB using CMD:

  1. Press Windows key + R and type CMD in the search column.
  2. Make sure to choose the “Run as Administrator” option.
  3. In CMD prompt type chkdsk “drive letter”/f and hit on Enter key.
  4. Click on the Y key if the drive is in use in another process.
  5. Again type the drive letter and press Enter key to start again.
  6. Type these attributes -H -R -S /S /D “drive_letter”:*.*. In the command prompt.

The command prompt is incapable in case of permanent deleted, corrupted files recovery.
Its domain is limited to minor issues only. For major corruption and large deleted files, you will need an assured recovery solution.

The Crux of the Matter

It’s a technical drawback that deleted files from USB do not land in the recycle bin. This is the reason users start seeking answers for how to recover deleted documents from USB when they found word documents deleted or lost from the pen drive. Regardless of what caused the deletion or corruption of documents a reliable solution can fix this problematic situation.


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