How to Organize Head-Turning Activation Event for Eyewear Brand?

Gone are the days when eyewear was limited to glasses that supported vision issues. In the present era, eyewear has become a style and fashion statement, due to which numerous brands have dived into the market. Eyewear has adopted some fancy vocabulary like specs, sunglasses, spectacles, shades, frames, and goggles, which has earned them a special place in the fashion world.

Apart from the fancy use of glasses, eyewear also includes contact lenses. There are numerous brands in the market, but the general public is only aware of the most popular ones. So, if you are starting an eyewear brand, you will have to work a lot and harder to establish your loyal customer base. Organizing a brand activation event can provide substantial support to your cause.

Want to learn how you can organize a head-turning activation event for your eyewear brand, then do not waste a second and give a detailed read to this article.

Top 7 Essentials for an Eyewear Brand Activation Event

The eyes are one of the most attractive features on the face of every person. People with vision issues are forced to cover their eyes with thick glasses, which rob the attraction and beauty of their eyes. Trendy and appealing eyewear can help them restore this attractiveness. If you are supporting this plan, your target audience will not know until and unless you organize a brand activation event for your eyewear.

Here are some of the essentials you have to follow and ensure for an eyewear brand activation event.

1. Plan and Promote the Event

Planning and promoting the events is the first and foremost essential for organizing a brand activation event for eyewear labels. If you think you will set up an event like a shop and people will come running, you are probably getting too ahead. Your target audience might not even know about it if you do not promote it. This is why brands hire event companies to plan and promote their event and enjoy the unexpectedly high response.

2. Include AR Technology

An important essential for the brand activation of your eyewear is including the augmented reality (AR) technology. You can let your event attendees use the technology to see and decide what looks good with their image and personality. It can also be used to define their taste and check whether it suits them or not, so they can make a better and more rewarding choice.

3. Collaborate With Makeup Artists

A significant percentage of the target audience of eyewear brands is the female population. So, when women are involved, you should not ignore the power and need for makeup. The fancy eyewear supports the eye makeup at an advanced level, but girls wearing vision glasses often give up on eye make as they think it will go unnoticed. You can collaborate with makeup artists and let them guide the attendees about wearing eye makeup.

4.    Set Up Photo Booths

When there are fancy eyewear, makeup, and women, the only missing thing is the perfect backdrop to capture pictures. So, setting up a photo booth in your eyewear brand activation event is another critical essential you should never miss out on. Make sure to give it a personalized yet catchy and attractive look, so people cannot resist joining your event and using it.

5.    Get Professional Photographers on Board

One of the key essentials of any event is the involvement and availability of professional photographers. It can add to the appeal of your eyewear brand activation event as well. Let the professional photographers cover the whole event, which you can later use for video, magazine, and most importantly, social media promotions and gain the attention of the masses.

6.    Hold Mini Photo Shoots

One of the best things that you can include in your eyewear brand activation event that will be enough to turn heads is holding a mini photoshoot. You can let the attendees pick their favorite items using augmented reality, then get a makeover from make-up artists and get their photoshoot done by the professionals. You can include these photoshoots in your catalog and allow the attendees to use them for anything they want.

7. Include Engaging Activities

The last essential for a head-turning eyewear brand activation is including engaging activities. These can be letting experts guide the attendees about the shape of their face and which type of eyewear will complement their personality or guiding them about the suitable color of contacts. Whatever you decide, make sure all the arrangements are in place and have no issue of any sort. You can hire event companies in Dubai and let the experts take care of all the planning and arrangements, so you can focus on serving the attendees.

Are you ready to organize a brand activation event?

If not, you are definitely staying behind the competition. Do not pile up your losses, but contact the professional organizers to plan and set up the whole event and watch your sales and profitability grow.

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