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How to maintain body contour after liposuction

General overview

A liposuction is a kind of a treatment by which you can shed off the extra fat in your body that is unlikely to go with a workout and exercises. It Targets those areas that are highly stubborn such as your hips, buttocks, waist arms and chin. And It works either by fat melting injections or through surgical intervention. It is very important to take note and acknowledge that liposuction is a permanent treatment but you have to maintain it through body contouring and following certain techniques that will help the after effects of liposuction in Dubai to stay longer. 

What is the aim of liposuction?

liposuction generally targets the areas of the body that are not easy to burn out. It directly targets on the fat cells and by removing of the portions of the body. Which have the greater number of fat accumulated within them. The overall aim of the treatment is to give you a streamlined body without following strict diets and excessive workout that drain you completely. It is important to note that liposuction surgery is vastly used to contour a body and not lose weight. The procedure works more towards changing the appearance of the body than working with internal factors. The process is conducted in a few simple steps

Is liposuction treatment reversible?

One of the major questions people have regarding liposuction in Dubai is whether the fact cells return back or the person gains weight again, the answer to that is the fat cells cannot return back however the skin that has become saggy and loose after the removal of fat Does require contouring and reconstruction. 

How to maintain body contouring after liposuction?

As told earlier that the skin that is leftover after liposuction treatment makes the liposuction treatment less effective if it is not contoured properly.

Following are some methods that can be helpful In gaining a streamlined body with the perfect shape:

Drink plenty of water

Do you know that water comprises the body’s total 70% of the volume?  the better you keep yourself hydrated the more your skin and the complete body remains toned up. Dehydration and improper water balance in the body is one of the main reasons why people have loose and limp skin. A better volume and fullness of the muscles of the skin totally depend on the correct hydration. And so drinking plenty of water will keep your skin glowing as well as its elasticity and integrity will be well restored.

Consumption of healthy diet

If you want your liposuction in dubai to run longer then you need to give up on All the junk and oily food you have been consuming in the past. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and fat tend to accumulate in the body and get stored in the form of triglyceride. It is very hard to cut them down and so increases the demand of liposuction. Therefore it is highly recommended switching to healthy diets such as proteins and those that have high fiber content in them.

Regular workout and exercises

You must be wondering that if workout and exercises would work on obesity and excessive weight then why would liposuction be in demand? The answer to that is workout and exercises. It’s not actually to shed off the fat but to tone up your body and make it more functional.  The results of liposuction would be less effective if you don’t pay attention after getting it done. And this is only possible by spending some time for yourself. You will find plenty of exercises like cardio electrical etc. that can work in toning up your body and making it more streamlined. 

Body contouring and sculpting 

The skin that sags after a liposuction treatment should never be left alone. Because it makes your liposuction very less viable.  A better approach is body sculpting and contouring through methods like abdominoplasty also known as tummy tuck. It is a kind of a treatment in which the excess hanging skin or pouches are excised off. And the skin appears more erect, tight and less stretchy after it is carried out. It is the best method by which one maintains its post liposuction treatment.

Regular follow ups

You just cannot get your liposuction done and stay idle at home. You need to pay visits to your surgeon whenever they tell you to because it will help them identify. Whether your liposuction is running smoothly or do you need any secondary treatment after it. 

Why is body sculpting and contouring important after liposuction? 

Liposuction alone is very less effective in terms of appearance. It does help control the risk of diseases and sheds off enormous numbers of pounds. But the overall body does not look very toned up and this sagginess can give a very naive appearance. Therefore it is highly recommended to choose body contouring treatment in Dubai following a liposuction because it will get rid of the loose and hanging skin that gives an illusion and perception of extra mass.

The procedure of body contouring or skulting includes incising the excess skin and approximating it using dissolvable stitches. The treatment lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes or even longer. And in some cases depending upon the complexity of the treatment. The average healing process takes about a month completely to heal along with the scars. 

Where can I find the best clinic for body sculpting in Dubai? 

If you are residing in Dubai then fortunately the Dynamic Clinic situated in UAE is one of the best clinic. From where you can get your body contouring treatment done without any guilt and regrets. The high end team of specialists strive hard to provide you with an ideal body tone and shape using their outstanding surgical skills and knowledge. 

The final verdict

Liposuction and body contouring treatment in Dubai go hand in hand. They work in harmony and help a person look bold, beautiful and smart. Book your body contouring treatment write after you have got your life or section done and flaunt in your curvy body.

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