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How To Install Prefinished Hardwood Flooring on Stairs?

Interior designing is fun and interesting. And who doesn’t want their home to be decorated or managed beautifully? Though there are many different ways to do it. Therefore, now it depends on you what type of changes or improvements for your interior to make it look better.

However, the easiest and the best way for people to go is to have the prefinished hardwood flooring on the stairs. As stairs are the way to different areas of the home so make them look attractive and beautiful. For that many people go for several designs.

So here are some of the steps and helpful guidelines by which you can install prefinished hardwood flooring on the stairs with the help of the best companies Hardwood Floor Refinishing, thus, scroll down to have a look at these main steps.

Majestic Harwood Flooring

Remove the Carpet or Any Other Good from The Floor 

There are many other things and work you have to do before having the hardwood flooring on the stairs. Firstly, you have to remove all the existing carpet or any good places or sticks on the stairs. Because this isn’t possible without it. Everything should be completely removed from the stairs before starting the installation of the hardwood flooring.

Though, remove the existing carpeting from steps along with the padding. Then, pull any nails and staples out of the steps using a pair of pliers. Make sure to remove the carpet perfectly so that there should not be anything left on the floor that causes a disturbance during the installation.

Cutting off the Bullnose 

However, the installation of the hardwood flooring of the stairs isn’t as easy as it seems to be. For all this process, you have to work on it. Thus, the next step is to cut the bullnose off the steps with the use of the jigsaw. Basically, the bullnose is the rounded, front part of the step. Therefore, you must cut the entire overhang off so that it is square with the riser.

After that, you have to measure the riser on the bottom step. These are some of the small steps that are included in the whole process. Also, cut the prefinished stair riser to the proper height using a circular saw. Moreover, Hardwood Floor Refinishing can guide you in the better for all the processes of installation.

Sticking On the steps 

Sticking is the main process of all in which you have to be very cautious that. Do clean the place perfectly with the help of the vacuum cleaner or any other suitable thing that is good in cleaning the stairs. Keep in mind that you must remove all the dust and wood particles. It is important because if it isn’t done so the glue will not keep the flooring secure.

Then palace the flooring adhesive on the back of the riser and glue it into place on the steps. Moreover, secure the new riser with the hammer and finish the nails into the corners. Further, repeat the process until you install new risers on all of the stairs.

Measuring And Cutting of The Flooring Boards 

However, it is an important step from where the work comes to the end. Even so, measure the surface of the bottom with a tape measure. Then cut the flooring boards to the required size using a circular saw. After applying the flooring glue at the back of the boards for sticking them on the steps. Further, nail the boards into place with finishing nails.

Although, when you have completed the installation on the second row on each step, do use a piece of scrap wood and also the hammer to tap the tongue into the groove of the first row. However, repeat the process until you cover all the steps. Here Hardwood Floors Installation Cornelius NC can provide you with the best wooden flooring installation services.


These days, there are many and different styles and designs are included in the interior design by which your home can look attractive and good. Also, Residential Hardwood Flooring Huntersville NC can help you in the most convenient way for all this process. Wooden flooring on the stairs automatically enhances the beauty of the home.

During the installation process, do stick to all the steps carefully and in the right order.  Remember, Cut and measure all the flooring boards accurately. If any measuring issues occur, it will damage the entire installation. Therefore, have a look at the above steps to understand the [process in a complete way. So that it’ll be easy for you.

I Hope, these points and some of the main important points from it will help you out in this process of the installation of the wooden flooring on the stairs.

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