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How to increase organic Instagram followers

If you want to spend a serious effort on Instagram and be really successful, we have listed 20 methods that must be done. We are constantly updating our article in the most up-to-date way. We are constantly improving our article according to Instagram updates and features. After applying these methods correctly on Instagram, your chances of success will be high. Here are organic Instagram followers increase methods.

1. Profile View

For what purpose did you open this page, what will users find on your page? Explanatory information should be given on this subject. If you are a commercial page, the contact information must be a website. People should know and trust that you are the company. There is no website in the picture in the example, the website will add value to look corporate.

2. Content Quality

It is useful to make regular posts and to have similarities between the posts. It will be more beneficial for users who come to your page to see posts that are compatible with each other. There should be compatible shares as above.

Content quality can be said to be the most important criterion. Original and HD quality posts will be valuable to both Instagram and followers. Another issue is that sharing should never be interrupted. Even if there is no post sharing, you should remind users of yourself with story sharing. If you want to increase Instagram organic followers, you should pay attention to the content.

3. Targeting Local Success

You can send cargo anywhere in Australia. However, as the target audience, it is necessary to achieve local success first. For example, if you are operating in Konya, you must first reach the customer base of that region. You should deliver your ads to people who are closer to you. Selling in your own region will be more reliable for users. In this way, your hand will be stronger while spreading to Australia.

4. Accounts of the Same Type

It is very important to follow and interact with the followers of accounts that may be your customer base. For example, you have an account with sports posts. The possible followers of this account will be those who follow other sports accounts. In order to reach this audience, you can follow the followers who have commented on your competitor accounts. For the beginning, it will be useful to follow the target audience and increase followers.

5.Instagram organic followers increase

In addition to organic Instagram follower increase methods, it may be useful to buy followers for a start. There are opinions that buying organic followers reduces engagement. However, provides organic follower increase by redirecting from high mass accounts. buy organic followers

6. Label study

You can bring potential customers to your profile by using the correct and relevant tags that the customer base searches for. Do not use foreign and irrelevant tags. You can increase page visits by using relevant and Turkish tags.

7. Interaction with customers

Connecting with followers, correspondence via dm will make your posts appear at the top. You can like and comment on followers’ profiles. By opening a live broadcast, you can better interact with your tight followers. You can also introduce yourself better by giving gifts with raffles.

8. Following the agenda and trends

Sharing on important days and nights will be beneficial for your account. You can direct your shares by following new trends and the latest trends. In this way, you will have a more memorable Instagram page.
Expressing significant opinions on a hot topic means more sharing of your posts. You can check the google trends, Twitter and Instagram explore section for agenda tracking.

9. Discovery studies

You can gain high visitors and followers by going to the main posts in keywords and going to the explore section. The first step of Instagram Discover activities is to analyze. It should be analyzed how accounts in the same sector are leading to the main posts. Instagram values ​​interesting posts. That’s why sharing is important.

10. Institutionalism

Even if your number of followers and shares are high, your credibility on a customer basis will be questioned. That’s why your corporate identity becomes important. We list the works that will create your corporate identity and increase the brand value.

Getting feedback from your customers due to your sales, Being on the website and other social media, sponsored advertising on Instagram, Working with high-mass accounts and well-known influencers, Taking part in social activities and related events


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