How to Import Google Takeout to iCloud Account?

If you have backed up Google Takeout data, and want to import Google Takeout to iCloud accounts. We will learn about the different techniques to move Gmail data directly to iCloud. The article is all about migrating email files from a Gmail account using an automated solution. There are multiple reasons for which we want our data to other cloud services for personal reasons.

Most users prefer to upload Google Takeout emails to an iCloud account because of Apple Mail’s enhanced security. Still, how do you go about accomplishing this data migration?

The Problems faced by the users – Queries

Being a vigilant and smart user, they often come up with problems that need to be resolved. And, one of the current issues that the users are posting frequently is how they can Import Google Takeout backup files to iCloud.

Here are some of the posted queries of the users: –

  • A user posted as said, “ I want to import Google Takeout to my iCloud account with complete attachments. I’ve tried various ways using the Manual approach but failed. Kindly help me with the issue and try to resolve it as soon as possible.”
  • Another user asked on the site. “How I can upload my .mbox file from Google Takeout into my iCloud account? I have 1.5GB of .mbox file which contains some important data; thus, I want to transfer emails from MBOX to iCloud. Is there any solution available? I have checked my iCloud account, but there’s no such option to import the .mbox file.”

So, we’re here to solve the queries of the users and provide the best technique to Import Google Takeout to iCloud.

Import Google Takeout to iCloud – Follow this Ultimate Guide

Google Takeout makes it simple to download or move your data to another device. It’s the most straightforward approach to transferring your data from Google’s digital realm to your own. Thus, the downloaded files are in *,mbox file format.

Some users have been using the MBOX-supported email client for a long time for emailing. But what if they want to switch to a Mac setup, then here it becomes difficult for the users to migrate from one email client to another. Email clients like, Mozilla Thunderbird uses MBOX as its default database file format, but the email client might contain some of the important emails that the users want to import to iCloud. Importing isn’t a simple process, the users may want to seek help from us to complete the process. The users just need to follow the guide carefully to succeed in the process.

MBOX is one of the oldest file formats supported by almost 20+ email clients, and thus, users prefer using the MBOX-supported email client. MBOX is used to store the user’s email messages and other attachments, thus, if the user has some of the important emails stored, then, in this case, the user needs to import its MBOX files to another email client. On the other hand, iCloud is webmail that allows users to send and receive emails, and therefore, the user wants to import MBOX files to an iCloud account to access their MBOX files in their iCloud account.

In this article, we would provide the best and most reliable technique to Import MBOX to iCloud. The user just needs to give two minutes to the article, while they can complete the procedure.

The Perfect Tool to Import Google Takeout to iCloud

The users can now trust us completely as we will give the best method to perform the task, MBOX File Converter. This tool can effortlessly import multiple MBOX files to iCloud without any delay and glitches. The wizard offers the users with direct two ways to upload their MBOX files in the software, the user can go for bulk conversion or they can opt for selective migration. The utility is purely a standalone one, thus, the user doesn’t need to install any other application during its installation. The tool is perfectly reliable and a trusted one, it delivers accurate results within no time.

The software comes with an overwhelming interface that allows the users to operate the software without needing any technical assistance. The application preserves and maintains the MBOX folder’s hierarchy during and after the procedure including all the related Meta components of the MBOX file to iCloud. The utility prevents users’ data from any loss during the procedure and provides a 100% guarantee of safety and security. The toolkit offers flexible options to the users to choose destination location and file naming options for the resultant file. The tool supports all the latest versions of Mac OS, 10.8 Mountain Lion & above versions.

The wizard can import 25 MBOX files to iCloud for free in its trial version. The demo edition will give an insight into the application. Work on the application’s free conversion option and learn about the working and the features.

How Does the Application Work?

As per my experience, the procedure to operate the application is quite simple as it claims. However, here I will give out the simplified version of the steps on how the software works.

  1. Start the application on the Mac Machine or Windows with the appropriate edition.
  2. Now upload the MBOX files that the user wishes to import using the Add file (S) or Add folder (s) option.
  3. Then select IMAP from the Select Saving List, and then enter the IMAP credentials.
  4. Further, choose the destination location and file naming convention.
  5. Finally, press the Export button.

There you go. As a result of pressing the Export button, the tool starts its migration of Google Takeout MBOX files to iCloud. Within minutes some messages will pop up on the screen, and press the Ok button to confirm the procedure.

Get all queries solved from ArticleFit.

The Final Verdict

The article gives the reliable technique to Import Google Takeout to iCloud. There are various reasons why users want a reliable method for this, if the user has been using an MBOX-supported email client and then suddenly want to switch to Mac, then the user needs to Import Google Takeout to iCloud. For this process, we have the perfect tool. this tool can import multiple Gmail *.mbox files to iCloud. The toolkit is 100% reliable and delivers accurate results within a minute only. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface and offers dual ways to upload the MBOX files.

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