How To Handle Cash Flow Crisis ?

How To Handle Cash Flow Crisis ?- Read Here

As I write this, we are in the grip of the COVID-19 epidemic and its attendant economic catastrophe. People are staying at home, not buying, not doing their jobs, and losing their employment. And as a company owners must ensure that your companies not just survive but prosper in the face of this cash flow crisis. Which, at this point, means having cash on hand.

Cash flow management is very crucial for small businesses in a crisis. It may imply that your company stabilizes or falls behind.

You need to concentrate on operational tasks which bring cash into your hands to acquire control. It is clear that sales decrease continuously and therefore reduced costs are required. Today, however, phase one focuses on stability and maintenance of your cash flow crisis.

Basic of cash flow

Review the fundamentals before we enter into cash flow crisis mode. I advise you to read Cash Flow 101, the difference between money and income, how to anticipate the cash flow, and how to comprehend your statement of cash flow if you do not already know your cash flow like the other side of your hand.

5 Ways To Handle Cash Flow Crisis 

1.Carefully monitor your receivables:

 Accounts The list of clients that owe you money is receivable. The list of clients. Some clients delay paying you and some default in a downturn. Customers of the credit card can appeal fees. Now is the time to keep a careful eye on these things and develop a plan to cope with possible problems.

2.Get your clients to pay more quickly.

 You may provide quick payment incentives to encourage consumers to pay you faster than ever before and avoid getting paid. Even if your bills may be due within 30 days, if customers pay quickly, you may provide a discount. Getting discount is another fantastic alternative to promote payment in advance and fast cash generation will get you off the billing clients. Ideally, you’ll get consumers to pay you for your services.

3.Pay a bit slowly for your bills.

 On the other hand, you probably have unpaid or forthcoming due or payable accounts comparable to your customers. The longer you expect the more cash you will have in the bank for paying your expenses. But be aware that companies that slowly pay their debts may not be the favored seller. You have to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages because too slow a payment might damage your connection with suppliers while too quick a payment can damage the cash flow. Find the correct blend and press for payment conditions.

4.Less inventory buying.

 Some companies make the error of purchasing a large number of inventories that might tie up a lot of cash. See if it makes sense for your company to keep less inventory in hand and order goods only if it is necessary. For the time being, seek for an inventory to be liquidated and recover some cash, even if it means to sell at a discount.

5.Request for discounts: 

Identify all merchants that you are using, according to the amount you are spending on them. Call the largest and deal for cheaper prices. In return for cheaper rates, you can even apply to sign a longer-term arrangement. Remember, the crisis is going to end and in the short term, you are attempting to go around.

How to make excellent strategic choices for the future during a cash flow crisis?

Draw up the current credit lines: If you already have a credit line, it is now time to take it out so that your money is available to deal with various scenarios. At this time it is difficult to foresee the future and how long things are going to take to recover, so that money is better able to manage the worst situations.

1.Go for some loan

It might be tough to apply for financing in a crisis, but a shot worth it. You can utilise these assets to acquire a credit line if you have assets like property or tangible assets. This frequently involves guaranteeing a loan for small enterprises with your own house directly.

2.SBA Disaster Assistance Loan application:

 For low-interest small enterprise loans, the SBA provides hundreds of billions of dollars. See our SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans guide for more on the qualifications and what you will need to apply. This is also one way to resolve your cash flow crisis.

If you have a business budget and a forecast that allows you to anticipate your cash flow, now is the time to explore and develop several scenarios to show how sales fluctuations have an influence on your cash.

If you haven’t got a future plan now, that’s all right. It’s now the best time to build and work. We’ve got many free company planning and forecast materials for you to start with. However, we advise you to use LivePlan for budgeting and forecasting to assist automate the process if you want to avoid fiddling with tables.

You can estimate how far things will go and find the best strategies to react with your projections in hand:

1.Determine the production rate and the path: 

How fast do you use your financial reserves and how long do you have before you run out?

Marketing programmes evaluation: 

Are you supposed to eliminate or reduce marketing programmes?

2.Payroll Check: 

The payroll is the largest expenditure for most companies. Look at how changes in your payroll may keep you afloat with your new projection. You have choices:

  • Reduce the staff
  • Cut down the wages
  • Reduce management wages

3.Review every discretionary expenditure: 

Take a careful look at each item from office supplies to staff and meals and see what progress you can make.


The advantage of having a strategy is that you can modify your sales estimate fast, adjust your cost budget and observe how it will affect your cash flow. A cash flow prediction will emphasize your issue spots in advance to give you time to respond and find answers. We tried to cover all possible ways to deal with the cash flow crisis. If you still need any assistance, call us on +1-844-405-0904.

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