How to gain followers on Instagram

It can help you find new customers, build a large community around your brand, and build trust in your target audience. But before any of that happens, you need to figure out how to quickly gain active followers on Instagram and get your audience’s attention on your account.

How to attract the target audience on Instagram: TOP-3 successful strategies

Often, people pay a third party service or agency to increase their Instagram following, but they don’t do anything themselves. It seems to them that it is enough to invest in promotion so that all the necessary work is done for them. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work. One of the ways to increase the number of subscribers and the popularity of content is to give people something of value. This will ensure organic growth and popularity.

1. Use Instagram algorithms to your advantage

Understanding how Instagram algorithms work is the first step to growing your following. According to Ad Espresso statistics, only 2-10% of the audience see your regular posts in the Instagram feed. Thanks to this feature, countless marketers are racking their brains wondering where they went wrong and why the content didn’t take off. This decline is due to several reasons, including:

There is more content on Instagram today than ever before.

This means more photos, videos, stories that are offered to the audience for viewing.

The chronological news feed has disappeared.

News Feed is no longer ranked in chronological order. This means that users are shown what they are most likely to be interested in in the first place. And not necessarily such an offer includes your content.

2. Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram followers also play a very important role in increasing your Instagram followers you must buy Instagram follower if you want to increase your followers in short interval of time this is a shortcut way but something which you should take care during buy Instagram follower is you should know that the followers which you are buying are real or organic because if your followers are not real these are bots then here is a big possibility that all the followers will drop soon and you got scam and if your followers are not organic then these followers will make your account ban if Instagram algorithm detect it then we recommended you, you should buy Instagram followers from reliable resources.

3. Using the Instagram Bot

You may have heard negative comments about Instagram bots about the Instagram announcement that it is against bots, but there are bots like the v-User Instagram Follower Booster Bot that act like a human and since it is unidentifiable by Instagram, using it, you will not face any problems.

Bots follow your desired contacts, like their posts and leave comments for them to attract their attention to your page and encourage them to visit your page and follow you if they wish. Also, these activities increase the engagement rate of your page and make you experience significant growth in a short period of time, especially if you have just launched your page. In this case, advertising and other ways will not help you much because you still don’t have many followers and your content simply won’t be noticed by others. Also, unlike activities like buying followers, bots interact with real people and you don’t need to worry about attracting fake followers.

If you have fewer than 10k followers, We recommend that you use safe Instagram follower booster bots like the v-user Instagram Booster Bot.

4. Use hashtags correctly

One of the most time-honored ways to get more followers on Instagram is to use hashtags. For years, social media hashtags have served as an important tool for outreach. But using hashtags in Instagram posts is one thing, using the right hashtags is another.

The optimal number for today is considered to be a number from 9 to 15 – this saves coverage and does not downgrade the post in the feed as spam. Moreover, these hashtags should include both main and additional ones – those that are not in the original list, but they reflect the essence of a particular post.

Using the right hashtags

There have already been heated debates about them – whether to apply, and if so, how much and how. At first, it was believed that the more hashtags, the better. Then – that it is permissible to post no more than 30 and it is better to do this not in the post itself, but in the first comment under it. Today, the strategy is simple – yes, thematic hashtags are needed, they can increase the natural reach of content, but if they are handled correctly and there is no overabundance.

To understand what works best, special services like Instating or Keyword Tool will help. The resulting master list is worth updating from time to time, keeping track of what trends and topics are popular today, and including suitable ones. Another one of the free tools is All Hashtag, which shows you the most popular hashtags on Instagram at any given time.

Several hashtags from the main list should be present in each post. But there are nuances. Instagram allows you to enter up to 30 hashtags in one message, but you should not use the entire limit. Moreover, these hashtags should include both main and additional ones – those that are not in the original list, but they reflect the essence of a particular post.

5. Use geolocation tags

Another tactic to get followers on Instagram is location tags. Location tags help people find you when they search for accounts in a specific area, region, or city.

Here are some tips to increase your Instagram followers with Stories:

Post between 2 and 7 stories to maximize your “completion rate”—how many stories your Instagram audience views before leaving your profile.


A lot ways also remain which will also help you to increase your followers but at this time these are enough you first try these and if you got followers then continue here and if not then buy Instagram followers or stay with us get other tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!


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