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How to Find Top Mobile App Development Firms for Business?

Looking for the best mobile app Development Firms for Business in 2021? 

Finding an app development firm today is not only hard but impossible without the help of ratings and reviews. How can you decide if the firm you are going to hire for your business requirements will be trustworthy?

That’s the topic of this article. We will be discussing the factors to consider when hiring a mobile app development company for your business needs. 

Let’s learn about these factors in detail.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Top Mobile App Development Firms

  • Ratings

First thing first, you will have to find out what their previous clients have rated them. You can check the reviews of these companies on Google My Business reviews, app development marketplaces, and even b2b ratings and reviews platforms. There are many other places to find the ratings of top mobile app development firms that we are discussing below.

  • Reviews

Almost all mobile app development companies have reviews available on their own sites. These are called ‘Testimonials’ you can read them to get a fair idea about the work they did for the client, and if the client was happy with the work. To be fair, not everyone will provide honest reviews on the site. That is where app development agency listing platforms like, Goodfirms, and Clutch come in. Similarly, many individual blogs also publish reviews of various mobile app development agencies. You can read them to get a fair idea about the processes of that mobile app development firm.

  • Past Projects

Past projects of most mobile app development agencies are available on the website. These are usually under the heading ‘Project’ or ‘Portfolio’.

Similarly, you can also read their case studies to know about the past projects they have worked on. Case studies also tell about the process these agencies used to deliver the projects to the client. That being said, you can also check the past projects of agencies on Behance and other portfolio websites.

It is always recommended to ask the agency about their ‘live’ projects. Since you are looking for a mobile app developed, it is better to check the live apps that are already published on Google Play or Apple App store. This way you will get a good idea about the type of work these mobile app developers can do.

  • Experience

Experience in the industry is one important factor to look at when searching for top mobile app development firms. So, search for app development firms that are in the business for the last five to seven years. Because during that time mobile app development trends have changed considerably. These mobile app veterans know how to create mobile apps for different versions of Android and iOS. So, give experience more priority when searching for app development firms for your mobile app project.

  • References

The best way to find a mobile app development firm is to search within your network. If someone from your network has already worked with a mobile app development firm in the past, then it is obvious that the app development firm is genuine and trustworthy. You can also directly contact people who have developed mobile apps in the past and ask them what type of popular apps they have developed, if they exist in your network. This would give you a fair idea about the market as a whole.

  • Pricing

Pricing of the overall mobile app development project plays a crucial role in your decision and we understand that. That is why, it is always better to explore the market and get final quotes from different mobile app development firms. Once you have the quotes available from shortlisted mobile app development firms, you can go with the one that you think will work best for you.

Another great way to bring the price even lower is to give them your own offer. Let’s say the offer you want is $1,000. The company is willing to do it at $1500 as a last offer.

Don’t get depressed. Tell them, you can go for $1100 at max, if they can do it at this price, then the project will be theirs.

Most companies will agree to your offer. If the app development company you offered this price is too rigid, you can always walk away.

  • B2b Rating Platforms

Last but not the least, b2b rating platforms should be your best option when looking for top mobile app development firms. These b2b rating platforms list all top mobile app development agencies and rate them according to their own rankings. Since most of the top ones are fair in judgement and unbiased, you can easily find the best app developers for business. 

Ready to Find Top Mobile App Developers Online?

We hope that you are now familiar with different ways available to find top mobile app development firms online. If you are still confused, then visit, b2b ratings and reviews platform and search for top mobile app development firms yourself. offers a list of the best mobile app development agencies that you can choose for business. Find these agencies today and see how they can help you grow and scale your business.


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