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How To Find The Best Essay Writer On The Internet? 10 Points To Keep In Mind.

How To Find The Best Essay Writer On The Internet? 10 Points To Keep In Mind.

When you are a student, you have to write and submit essays many times. It is an inevitable part of some subjects and courses.

But not every student can be a good essay writer. It is often hard to write for or against arguments of a topic in a well-structured manner.

Nowadays, there are some websites like 99Papers, WriteMyPaper, TutorBin, etc., that offer online essay writing services for students.

You can choose from these services to get your essays done by their essay writers.

Following are some points which can help you make a good decision about choosing an online essay writing service.

10 Tips On How To Find The Best Essay Writers Online

  1. Check Out The Prices And Compare

As a student, we are often tight on our budgets. So, when ordering an essay writing service, check 3-4 websites for their prices and offers. Many sites offer discounts and low rates for first-time users. 

Also, compare by making a list of all the websites’ packages and choose the most affordable one.

  1. Make Sure your Essay Writing Services Can Write In Different Styles And Format

Your professor can ask you to submit your essay in a specific format. To reduce their cost, online essay service websites may hire non-native writers. They may not be familiar with the format and accepted writing style by your professor. 

So, check beforehand the writing style and formats offered by the essay writing website. They should display this information on their front page.

  1. Reference And Citations

In colleges and universities, students have to submit their essays with citations to the referenced source in proper formats such as MLA, APA, etc. 

It is necessary for an essay writer to show that they haven’t copied from anywhere. And their work is 100% original.

  1. Open Communication

A good essay writing service should let you contact the writer working on your essay. It is important to have an open conversation between the writer and client. So, that you can directly convey your special instructions to the essay writer.

  1. Ensure They Have A 24/7 Customer Service

As a student, you can have too many deadlines and urgent submissions looming over your head. So, it may happen that you will need an essay writer for your submission the next day.

In such cases, the essay writing website should have customer service open 24×7 to help you anytime.

  1. Free Revisions

It can happen that you need some revisions in the written text after the delivery of the essay. It can be regarding any passages, grammatical errors, or rewriting some information. The site should offer free revision after delivery.

  1. Check Their Inclusive And Add-ons Offered

When you book a service it is better to read and review carefully what you are getting out of their packages, There can be some extras such as revisions, plagiarism reports that you get included in the packages. And there can be some services you have to pay for.

Do not confuse in between these tiny details, that can cost you money.

  1. Check If The Writers Are Essay Experts

You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t know anything about your topic, to write your essays. Check which subjects and topics the essay writing service is offering to write for.

Their writers should be experts in handling your topic professionally.

  1. Get A Plagiarism Report

With online services, there is a risk of copying the content from the internet and pasting it in your essay. This is plagiarism and it is illegal. 

It can also lower your grade and invoke strict action from your professors when you submit a copied essay.

Therefore, ensure the essay writer submits a plagiarism report along with your essay. This report states that the text is original and unique. 

  1. Ask For An Essay Sample

This is last but not the least point you should make sure of. The essay writing service should have some samples of their essay displayed on their site. Or they should offer to show you some samples on demand.

Go through these samples to have a look at the writing style and the quality of the essay delivered.


So, here are 10 useful tips for finding the best essay writer on the internet. Use these tips to save money and time while checking out the online essay writing services.


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