How to Embed Google Reviews on the Website


Google reviews are very important for every business. People love to see product reviews and feedback provided by previous consumers.

This is the main reason why brands spend a lot to make their image better in front of their newcomers. Every single review matters when you are running a successful business.

But how can you use these reviews to engage website visitors, earn their trust and help them to make a quick purchasing decision?

Keep reading to know more about google review benefits for your business and how you can embed them into your business website.

Benefits Of Embedding Google Reviews On The Website 

There are many benefits of embedding Google reviews on a website. It increases the trustworthiness of your website and engages website visitors more than any other testimonial.

Everyone google the place where they want to visit or the product which they want to purchase. Here reviews play a very important role in changing the customer’s mindset.

A good review can help you to sell your product or service, on the other hand, a bad review can slow down your selling process.

By embedding reviews you can display what your consumers say about your product or service. Rest these are some benefits of embedding Google reviews on website-

  • Best Social Proof
  • Trusted Testimonials
  • Millennial Marketing
  • Seller Rating
  • SEO Performance
  • Keep the Conversation Rolling
  • Increase the dwell time 

Tool To Embed Google Reviews On Website

Google Review Widget

There are many Google Review Widgets available nowadays, you can use any of them to integrate reviews on your website. Google review widget makes it easy to collect reviews from Google My Business by connecting your website. 

If you are having your business website built on WordPress then it’s wonderful, there are so many reviews plugins available in the store. That will easily connect your website Google My Business account and help you display these amazing reviews on your website. 

Some of the most popular and widely used Google Review widgets available on the internet are Taggbox Widget, Elfsight, Tagembed, EmbedSocial, and SmashBalloon. 

One of the best parts of using these tools is that you will get a free trial version for at least 10 days that you analyze the performance of Google reviews on your website.

Apart from a free trial, these tools also provide you with various features and functionalities to design Reviews with customization & moderation.

You will get a plethora of themes, layout designs, and custom freedom to design Google review displays in your own way.    

Google My Business API

Application Programming Interface gives you the freedom to interchange the data and use it to display on your website.

With Google API, you can directly receive all the relevant data about your business and access it to display on your website. 

Although, this API gives you access to data on the backend and manages how to display it on your website.

To start embedding reviews on your website, first, you need to activate Google My Business API.

This allows you to see the reviews directly on your website backend. 

To start embedding Google Reviews on your website, you can follow the steps given by the Google My Business API support.

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