How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Word

Microsoft started developing a graphical user interface and released its first version of windows in 1985. On the installation of MS dos, it was a 16-bit multitasking shell–the very first graphical presentation for the computers to run. Bill Gates initiated the graphical user interface things became so sophisticated for the whole world. Microsoft kept its work going and released four updates in the coming years. Things cooled down a bit and people started to believe that no matter what the criticism Microsoft has to face, it will not come slow. Things changed when people started knowing that how to edit PDF in Microsoft Word.

Along with the windows the next most successful product of Microsoft is MICROSOFT OFFICE. It has many applications in it. Microsoft word is one of them. In this article you will know about the features of Microsoft word. We will focus on how to edit PDF in Microsoft word. Before we go into detail. You should know that Microsoft word is a subset of Microsoft office. Let us throw some light here at Articles Fit on the parent product to have better understanding of the branch.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft office is also known as simply OFFICE. It is a legendary software of Microsoft, along with the Windows, it is serving the world from decades. Bill Gates founded Microsoft office in 1988. Initially it was known as office suite. First version of Microsoft office consists of Microsoft word, Excel, and Power Point. It was the best software for developing and checking the documents. After Microsoft 2013, the family name of the Microsoft office changed to Microsoft office 365. Core applications of office are as follow.

Microsoft Word:

Globally accepted and renown software for the development of various documents.

Microsoft Excel:

A spreadsheet editor. The first competitor of the lotus software and dominated it.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

A presentation software. Globally used for the presentation of slides and quick data presentations.

Microsoft OneNote:

A note taking software used for the quick notes taking in different task. Also used for drawings, clippings and audio commentaries.

Microsoft Outlook:

It is an email client used for mailing purposes. It was previously known as Microsoft Mail.

Microsoft OneDrive:

It is a cloud service for hosting the online data. Users can save data online and sync it where ever they want


The best video software for the meetings and conferences online. Used world wide for video call services.

Microsoft Teams:

The best platform for generating team works. You can easily manage notes, attachments, and work place chats. It is going to merge skype in it in coming days.

Microsoft Word:

According to a dissertation help firm, Microsoft word is a  globally accepted word processor. It was released on October 1983. Previously known as multi tool word. These days, it falls under the family of Microsoft office 365. Initially it was available only on windows and mac operating systems. But later on, it was launched for the mobiles too. Formats of word files are denoted by .doc or .docx.

Word is popular for its special features of spelling checking, auto correction, auto formatting, and suggestions. You can use bullets and numbers when creating lists. Auto summarizing facility is one of the best services of word. You can apply different styles and fonts as per your choice. There is ready made templates you can use for quick composing. Despite of all these facilities Microsoft word still accepts third party logins. Portable document format (PDF) is one of the best examples.

Which Editions Support to Edit PDF in Microsoft word?

Microsoft word can convert word files into pdf and vice versa. It is one of the best facilities provided by Microsoft word. Portable document format is considered as the final version of file to be shared. It is necessary that you cannot edit the portable files. As there may be many alterations during sharing without being noticed. But it is possible to change them if you want. Microsoft word supports this feature.

Office 2010 has an option to save the file as PDF. It was not able to edit it. This facility was provided in Microsoft 2013 for the first time. Adobe reader is also popular for editing PDF files. The premium version allows to do so. But reconversion of PDF to word is not possible in it. So, its better to use less amount of software for large number of tasks.

How to Edit PDF In Microsoft Word:

It is very simple and easy task. But it is recommended for the files that are largely consist of text. Files having large number of graphics may not support this feature. First of all install Microsoft office 2013 or higher. After installation, right click on the PDF file you want to edit. Choose “open with” and select “word”. The word will automatically start converting the file using Microsoft PDF reflow.

If error appeared in the above process. You can go for alternative. You have to insert the file manually. For this purpose, open the word document, go to file, then go to insert , then go to object. Choose the PDF file you want to insert and press insert. And that’s it. You can edit the file as you want. And save it as PDF file again. You can also place the PDF as an image, if you want to crop, resize, or duplicate the file. In that case you cannot edit the content of the file. You have to do that after saving this one.


Microsoft Word has become a source to plan everything while biting down your personal and professional concerns on it. But at times, we need certain editing in our PDF document that seems problematic. Microsoft has introduced specific features so a smooth run of documentation can become possible. All you need to have a bit know how of how to use Microsoft Word and take it along with editing procedure. Next time when you find it difficult to edit a PDF file, don’t worry. The simple procedure will make things easy for you.

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