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How to Earn a Yoga Alliance Certification?

Do you want a yoga certification but have no idea where to go? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of yoga practitioners get in the wrong place because they were not aware. To ensure you don’t end up the same, make sure you read till the very end. This article deals with some basic tips that you can implement to earn a Yoga Alliance certification.

Let’s move forward and learn where to start, how to prepare, and some major steps to take after the completion of your certification course. Read on.

Yoga Alliance Certification: Starting Point

Look For a Perfect Location

Earning a Yoga Alliance certification is part of a long yoga journey. Therefore, your major concern should be having a perfect yoga journey. For that, you must invest quality time exploring different locations.

Moreover, you can read about the place you have chosen to know more about it. It should be peaceful and serene so that you can focus more on your yoga practice.

Search For a Registered Yoga School

Yoga schools are popping around every corner like bubbles in a soda. However, it is not wise to join any school without any proper investigation into the matter. Hence, you are advised to learn about its registration.

Moreover, check whether the yoga school offers what you are looking for. Investing in a yoga school demands not just your time but also money. So, be utterly conscious when it comes to investing in a registered yoga school.

Select a Yoga Style

Earning a Yoga Alliance certification is a by-product of your yoga practice. However, you cannot become a master of yoga without specializing in one yoga form. That means you should choose a particular form of yoga.

Choosing a particular form helps you master and earn your certification. Once you gain perfection in a single form, you can later shift to another yoga form for practice. However, to begin with, you need to choose only a particular form.

Inquire About Yoga Teachers

To practice yoga for the first time, you need a guide. That could be anyone. However, for genuine and true yoga knowledge, you should practice under the guidance of a certified yoga teacher. A Yoga Alliance certified teacher should be your priority.

Hence, when you enroll in a yoga school, you should inquire about various yoga teachers available. Furthermore, you should also get in touch with them to know more about them. It will further give you an idea of whether the chosen teacher will resonate well with you or not.

Join a Yoga Course

Here comes the most tricky part of earning a Yoga Alliance certification. Plenty of yoga practitioners find it hardest to choose the perfect yoga course. For instance, beginners make the mistake of joining a 300 hour yoga teacher training. That is what you need to avoid.

Hence, you should first understand at which level are you standing when it comes to yoga practice. Know whether you are a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner. For instance, if you have never stood on a yoga mat, 200 hour yoga teacher training is just for you. This way, make sure you join the right yoga course to earn a Yoga Alliance certification.

Crucial Tips After Having Yoga Alliance Certification

Extend Validity of Certification

Once you have the Yoga Alliance certification, you need to extend its validity after every three years. That is to ensure you stay connected with what is new in the world of yoga. Moreover, it makes sure that if you are teaching yoga, then you are upgrading your yoga knowledge.

Earn Teaching Experience

With a certification, you become eligible to teach yoga in any part of the world. Therefore, use it to earn teaching experience so that you can upgrade your certification. For instance, you can move from 300 to 500 hour yoga teacher training certification. It counts whether you teach privately, in a yoga course, or at a yoga retreat center.

Collaborate With Brands

A Yoga Alliance certification makes you eligible to collaborate with different brands. Thus, you get to earn money along with having access to free clothing samples.

Sum Up

Yoga Alliance certification could be a tough task if you don’t prepare beforehand. Hence, make sure you have all the information before going on a yoga journey.

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