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How to do Trikonasana, Benefits, and Precautions

Everyone will be well aware that for a healthy body, along with the right diet, yoga and exercise are also important. If nutrient-rich food and regular yoga practice are followed in daily life, one can attain long life and a disease-free body. In this sequence, in this article, we are telling the benefits of doing Trikonasana. It is believed that the regular practice of this yoga asana can work to benefit the body in many ways, which have been explained in detail in this article. Here you will know well what is Trikonasana, the benefits of Trikonasana, and the right way to do it. Along with this other information related to this posture has also been shared in this article.

Benefits of doing Trikonasana –

After knowing what is Trikonasana, now know below how the benefits of Trikonasana can work to benefit you.

1. Benefits of Trikonasana for Back Pain

The benefits of Trikonasana can be seen in getting relief from back pain. Practicing regular yoga can help in making the body flexible. In addition, yoga can also be helpful in relieving back pain. Trikonasana has also been included in the Yagasanas included in the research. However, more research is needed on how effective Trikonasana alone will be in relieving back pain.

2. To reduce stress and anxiety

The benefits of Trikonasana can also be seen in relieving the state of anxiety and stress. Actually, one study mentions a list of yoga asanas that can give effective results in stress and anxiety, which includes Trikonasana. Research also mentions that in addition to anxiety and stress, yoga may be helpful in improving sleep and improving mood as well as controlling blood pressure. On this basis, it can be said that the benefits of Trikonasana can be seen in stress and anxiety.

3. To improve digestion

Yogasanas can also help in improving digestion.  At the same time, it has been clearly said in the same research that regular yoga practice can help in digestion as well as help in benefiting the digestive gland. On this basis, it can be said that trikonasana can work to promote the absorption of essential nutrients by strengthening digestion.

4. For muscle strength

Trikonasana can provide strength to the body externally and internally. According to research, Trikonasana can have a positive effect on the thigh muscles. It is mentioned in research that it can also be effective in relieving stiffness of the thigh and hip. Also, it can be helpful in maintaining the correct posture of the body. This may be a better physical therapy, especially for the trunk and thigh muscles.

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How to do Trikonasana –

Here we are telling you how to do Trikonasana.

  • Stand in a clean and open place by laying on a yoga mat.
  • Now make a distance of two feet between your feet and keep the hands straight.
  • After this, you have to try to spread your hands away from the body to the shoulder. Now while breathing in, raise the right hand up and close it by taking it near the ear. Simultaneously turn the left leg out.
  • After this, while exhaling you have to bend from the waist to the left.
  • During this, do not bend your knees and keep the right hand close to the ear.
  • Now try to bring your right-hand parallel to the ground and try to touch the left ankle with the left hand.
  • Try to stay in this pose for 10 to 30 seconds and continue the process of breathing in and out as normal.
  • Then breathing income back to your starting position.
  • Then take a break for a while and do this whole action from the right side as well.
  • This cycle of Trikonasana can be done three to four times.

Tips for doing Trikonasana for beginners –

Those doing Trikonasana for the first time have to take special care of some things. Here we are telling some tips of Trikonasana for beginners –

  • The method of doing Trikonasana should not be wrong, so people doing this asana for the first time must take the help of a yoga guru.
  • Do not put too much pressure on any part of the body during yoga.
  • Try your best to control your breath while doing the asana.
  • Do the action of Trikonasana as per the instructions given.
  • If there is difficulty in doing yoga, then you can take the help of someone for support.
  • Do not do this asana if you have any disease or physical weakness.
  • To do asanas, fix any one time in the morning or in the evening.

 Precautions –

Along with doing Trikonasana yoga, it is important to take care of some precautions, such as –

  • This yoga asana should not be done if there is a problem with blood pressure.
  • Do not do this asana even if you have severe back pain and slip disc problems.
  • Do not do this asana in severe problems of neck and back pain.
  • People suffering from the problem of frequent dizziness, do not do this asana.
  • Stay away from this asana if you have hyperacidity.
  • Stay away from this asana having sciatic nerve problem.

Now we can hope that after reading this article, you must have known a lot about what is Trikonasana and what can be the benefits of doing Trikonasana. Now if you want, you can make this effective yoga asana a part of your lifestyle. At the same time, before doing this yoga asana, definitely consider all the precautions mentioned in the article. Also, people going to do this yoga for the first time must take the help of a yoga instructor. Hope this article will help you in reaching the benefits of Trikonasana.

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