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How To Do Rug Cleaning According To The Materials?

The first maintenance would be to vacuum regularly to carry out whatever the material of your carpet. Then, once a year, a deep rug cleaning will be necessary. Two options are available, professional rug cleaning, the price of which will depend on the size of the carpet. It often turns out to be expensive. Otherwise, and we recommend it, an interview like our grandmothers.

Clean a wool rug

An extremely effective solution would be a steam cleaner to make several passes after having previously cleaned your carpet of dirt. Do a small area safety test to verify color behavior.

By hand, you will revive the colors by moistening your carpet with a brush of sparkling water. Once dry, sprinkle it with baking soda, leave to act for several hours before vacuuming. The baking soda technique can be done several times a year, especially in case of a persistent odor. When it comes to tough stains, a mixture of water and white vinegar can produce a miracle every now and then.

On the other hand, never wash your carpet with plenty of water to avoid the creation of mold and dry it in the sun after having sponged it with a bath towel.

Finally, the dry technique which consists of sprinkling your carpet with Montmorillonite soil and vacuuming it after a few hours will allow you easy maintenance 3 to 4 times a year, especially if your carpet is light in color or s’ he suffered a splash of fat.

A small tip if your furniture has crushed the wool, pass an ice cube followed by the iron in steam mode to raise the hairs.

Rug Cleaning Services in Oakton

Clean a cotton rug

Clean the cotton rugs using a sponge soaked in soapy water (1 liter of hot water for a few drops of washing-up liquid). Rinse with a sponge moistened with clean water. Leave to dry on the floor, making sure that the humidity in the carpet will not damage it.

Clean a jute or sisal rug

These natural fibers have the particularity of being resistant and respectful of the environment. On the other hand, they do not tolerate humidity, unlike seagrass or mountain on which you can even mop. Jute fabric rugs are probably wondering if a machine pass is possible. The answer is yes, but under certain conditions.

Do not run a program at more than 40 ° C, and above all check that the spin speed is as low as possible. Prefer liquid detergent to powder. The latter can indeed bleach the fabric. Finally, for it to regain its flexibility, it is essential to iron it, preferably still wet. Talcum powder, salt, or flour are also useful for absorbing the task as quickly as possible. As a last resort, use a dry carpet stain remover.

Caring for a silk carpet

If the carpet has no particular value: the silk carpet is cleaned using a sponge soaked in soapy water (Marseille soap), rinse with clear vinegar water and leave to dry.

Ammonia water – the cleaning of the carpet is done by rubbing with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water with a few drops of ammonia.

Let the product penetrate a little, and wipe with a damp cloth with lukewarm water.

Then dab the carpet with a dry cloth.

If the color is found on the swab or the colors of the carpet: stop everything and clean the dry carpet. Gently run a soft brush in the direction of the hair and for a thorough rug cleaning, contact a professional.

Maintain a sheepskin or cowhide rug

The skins are naturally self-cleaning and anti-static. Vacuum and brush your rugs regularly in the direction of the pile. Once, or even every two years, pass a sponge impregnated with soapy water, then, rinse and dry with a glove or a cloth. If you smell, leave the baking soda to act for several hours.

Clean a synthetic carpet

Use a sponge, do not wash your carpet with plenty of water, rinse it with lightly vinegar water and let it dry. To clean a synthetic carpet, you can also use ammonia Likewise, the chemical fibers contained in these rugs cannot withstand heat. Therefore, the hairdryer should be avoided on polypropylene or polyester rugs. Apart from these specific instructions, their maintenance is comparable to that of wool rugs.

Our home cleaning services allow you to have all your carpets cleaned at once or to have them washed repeatedly to prevent them!

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