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Health and Fitness

How to do Gorakshasana

What is Gorakshasana?

Gorakshasana is named after the great yogi Gorakshanath because Yogi Gorakshanath often used to sit in this posture. By the practice of this asana, there is benefit in the destruction of inertia, thinning of the body, sharpening of the intellect, reducing the restlessness of the mind, etc. Contributes to the purification of the body.

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Method –

Now it comes to how to do Gorakshasana correctly. Here it has been told about its simple way, knowing that you can do it easily.

  • First of all, sit on the ground and spread your legs in front.
  • Bend the feet from the knees and now bring the heels of both feet together.
  • Go ahead and lift the body up and sit on the heels. Take care not to twist the chest.
  • Both the knees should remain close to the ground.
  • Keep your hands on your knees.
  • Keep the spine and neck straight.
  • Stay in this posture for as long as possible and then return to the starting position.
  • It was a cycle.
  • In this way, you do 4 to 6 cycles.

Benefits –

Some important benefits of Gorakshasana are mentioned here.

  • For kidney: Gorakshasana is beneficial in various kidney disorders.
  • Gorakshasana in piles: The practice of this asana provides great benefits in piles.
  • Gorakshasana to strengthen the knees: Regular practice of this asana helps in relieving stiffness and stiffness of the knee joints, ankles and hips, buttocks, calves. Is.
  • Gorakshasana in balancing the body: This yoga practice is helpful in maintaining the balance of the body.
  • For the strength of the nerves: The nerves of the body get strength by the practice of this asana.
  • Strengthening Digestion: By the practice of this asana, food gets digested properly, due to which excreta comes out from the body in the right amount.
  • Beneficial for pregnancy: Its regular practice helps in removing diseases related to the uterus of women.
  • Relieve Stomach Gas: This yoga practice helps you to reduce the gas related to the stomach.
  • Helpful in Kundalini awakening: This is an important part of Kundalini yoga practice.


  • If you are suffering from obesity then do this asana with great care or in front of a specialist.
  • Do not practice this asana if you have knee pain.
  • This yoga practice should not be done even if there is a pain in the heel.
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