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How to create a Wikipedia page for your company?

How to create a Wikipedia page for your company?

Google often redirects users to the Wikipedia page that corresponds to their search when they search on the internet for a topic. Google’s first page is most often populated by third-party sources such as Wikipedia. Searching for a topic in Wikipedia usually leaves you with the accompanying page when you scroll just a few inches.


If someone wants to learn more about your business, they’ll often visit this website first, as it’s a recognizable one.

Furthermore, it is a sign of professionalism to create a Wikipedia page for your company to make your presence known immediately and gain a good reputation. Wikipedia pages allow their users to gain a better understanding of your business and how it operates. For more details, you can check our Wikipedia page in this link: Wikipedia page Creation service.

It raises the question of how to create a Wikipedia page for your organization? Take a look at these steps.

What is the Process for Creating a Company Page on Wikipedia?

This is a guide that will take you from start to finish in creating a Wikipedia page for your company.

1. Sign up for an account

Before you begin creating pages, make sure you have an account. You can edit other people’s articles as long as you keep your IP address anonymous, otherwise, your IP address will be publicly recorded in Wikipedia’s edit history, and the website may even block you from editing someone else’s articles.

The intention of establishing the page as part of the parent website should be to gain the trust of the parent site by registering with it. Simply a click on the create account button in the top right corner will allow you to create an account.

2. Become a Wikipedia contributor

The best strategy is not to just launch into creating a page. You should start by proving your worth by making some authentic edits.

Your edits will be confirmed without much of a review after you have made around ten edits and your account is four days old. Wikipedia will have a lower chance of challenging or deleting your page if you make more effective edits from your account.

There is a tab at the top that says ‘edit this page.’ Use it to make changes. The top right of every paragraph has the words [edit] on it if you just want to alter a  small portion. There’s no way to miss it.

3. Make a decision about your article’s topic

Wikipedia is serious business here, so you should take it seriously. You trust the website to provide you with the correct answer when you search. Your contributions are also held to the same standards.

Create a page for your company by determining which angle to take. In order to get published, your company must be doing something unique and not a repeat of something already on Wikipedia.

4. Use Wikipedia to find out more about your topic

Perform a quick check on Wikipedia to ensure your work is original and unique. See what comes up when you enter your company’s name into the search bar in the top right corner, for example, ‘XYZ Enterprise’.

If this is your first time writing about your company, chances are you won’t find any pages with the same name. This will allow you to include whatever information you think is appropriate. Further, the Wikipedia page will not be confused with any other page due to the way it is arranged.

5. Wikipedia Page creation

It’s now time for the most tricky part – creating the page.

To begin, you need to visit Wikipedia’s “Guide to writing an article.”. Once you’ve scrolled down the page, you will see a blue button that reads, “Article wizard: a simple way to create articles.” Click this button (once you are autoconfirmed):

A Wikipedia Article Wizard will then be displayed. There are two choices here – you can either create your page right away by clicking “Next”, or you can practice editing your wiki page in Wikipedia’s sandbox first.

Clicking “Next” will serve your purpose:

As long as your company does not already have a Wikipedia page, you can include as much or as little information as you like. Further, you should ensure that the page is easy to read by showcasing some of the most important and basic details (such as what your company does) first.

The purpose of Wikipedia is to inform the consumer about a broad range of products. Despite this, readers would be wise to scroll on for more product-specific information.

6. Cite the source

Links to where you obtained your information are referred to by the numbers beside Wikipedia titles. Be sure to cite correctly so that it is more believable and authentic with Wikipedia and your readers.

Be sure to link to your company’s website on your company page. Remember to create backlinks from other guest sites with your site.

The citations you include on your Wikipedia page give your page credibility and help readers trust what you write.

7. Send the page for review

Write your page and submit it for review when you are finished. If you submit an article to Wikipedia, it will be checked for notability and decided whether or not to publish it. You will gain access to your Wikipedia page on your company if you pass this test.

8. Maintaining

The work isn’t done once you’ve published. Your company might experience new developments on the website, so it is essential to keep the page updated with them. As a result, you are able to maintain transparency and keep your clients and viewers honest.

It has become crucial to cover all aspects of the internet, especially now that we live in an age when details, information, and directions are available at our fingertips. If you want to get the best results from social media or Wikipedia pages, make sure to have them ready and packed with information about your business!

Getting Your Company On Wikipedia

An internet search today brings up a wealth of information on a given topic, including profiles on social media, directories, and press releases. When your Wikipedia page is updated, you provide viewers with a credible source that shows they can trust your business or brand. So if you are going to create a Wikipedia page, keep in mind the points mentioned in the tutorial above.


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