How To Crack English Language For CLAT 2022

How to crack the English language for CLAT 2022

The CLAT English section tests the proficiency of the candidate in English based on Sections of Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary etc and forms 20% of the CLAT question paper. There will be a total of 28-32 questions under the English section.

Important Topics for CLAT English Section:

The English section may consist of approximately 450 words excerpts, derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing, corresponding to the 12th-grade level. Each passage will have a series of multiple-choice questions to test the comprehension and language skills of a candidate, which can be answered only after reading the passage.

Tips to prepare for CLAT English Section


Having good grammar skills is the key to crack the English session of CLAT.

The main reason a lot of candidates lose marks here is the difference between our spoken and written English. To avoid errors in this section, students should study the rules of grammar thoroughly. A wonderful book that will satisfy all your grammatical needs is Wren and Martin.

This will enable you to clear basic grammar concepts. Make notes while learning grammar and pay close attention to every detail and those topics which you find difficult. Grab the basic rules of grammar and apply them to solve exercises under various topics like a verb and their usage, active voice and passive voice, articles, adjectives etc. Making sentences in English in your head. Train yourself to spot mistakes, correct them to gain an in-depth knowledge of grammar and build a foundation.

Good knowledge of the basics of the English language will help you identify the correct answer quickly. Lookup a good quality grammar book and learn and practice everything that is offered in it. Jumping from one book to another will only confuse you, bog you down and hinder your learning.

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Vocabulary Building:

For the CLAT English section, you need to build a strong vocabulary, which requires consistent effort. This is not something that can be done in a short amount of time. Vocabulary-based questions include synonyms, antonyms, idioms, spell check, prefixes and suffixes, root words, foreign language words, etc., which will form direct questions. Solve questions on vocabulary, solve as many quizzes as possible to practice and understand how to crack the exam. If you think that you are weak in English subject you can join CLAT classes for the  CLAT preparation 2022.

It is not humanly possible to learn and remember many new words at once. So, make sure you pay attention to them and use them regularly in speech and writing. Mangling words will not serve any purpose unless you learn to put them into the conversation and associate their meaning with sentences, to ensure their correct use. This will help you to remember the words and retain them for a long time. Try making a short sentence to help you remember the word better.

Many words are similar in meaning but their meaning is not the same. Make it a goal to improve your word power on a regular basis. Challenge yourself to learn five new words a day. Make a list and revise them the next day by applying them to sentences. Such vocabulary building exercises will help you prepare well. Choose a trusted source to build your vocabulary. Sources also include newspapers and textbooks, magazines or books like The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Telegraph, etc.

Reading Comprehension:

Learn to make connections, visualize, synthesize, determine significance, grasp the core idea, and draw conclusions when answering comprehension-based questions.

A perceptible passage will either have some points or arguments that support or oppose the main root of the passage – try to identify the main theme. Pay attention to keywords like what, who, where, and, or, but. Which can drastically change the meaning of the whole sentence.

Reading Speed:

CLAT is a speed-based test, so it is important to increase your reading speed. You should be able to understand the meaning of the passage in one or two readings. Comprehension passages in CLAT are complex and lengthy, so effective reading skills are essential. And, this can only happen with practice.

Practice Reading Comprehension with online mock tests:

Mock tests are the best way to familiarize yourself with new passages while improving your speed and accuracy. During the last phase of your CLAT preparation, you should aim to solve one mock test every day, and this will help you prepare mentally for the exam day. CLAT mock tests are curated by subject experts who have prepared mocks purely based on the CLAT patterns.

Solve five to six passages every day and give yourself time while doing so. Also, regularly read news reports published in dailies and magazines on various issues as comprehension passages in the exam can be from any area. With Speed ​​Reading, one can easily overcome the tight timing of the exam and answer all the questions.

Before going into the questions, it is essential that you go through the passage first instead of searching for answers from passage to save time and also make sure that the answers are correct.

Practice comprehensible excerpts from previous years CLAT papers to get a fair idea of ​​the difficulty level and pattern. Analyze the given information to arrive at the central theme of the passage. Only good reading habits will help you do it better and faster.

Strategy to prepare for CLAT 2022 English Section:

To score well in the English section of CLAT, it is important that you prepare a foolproof strategy for the planned preparation. You need a holistic approach to learning English. The key ingredient is patience and not everyone has enough of it. Following are a few things that will help you prepare well for the CLAT English section:

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Chalk-out a preparation plan

Before starting the actual preparation, take your time in making a preparation strategy. Calculate the amount of time you will need to complete the syllabus and the time required for revision. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. Find out the topics that bother you the most and on which you will spend most of your time.

Make a habit of reading every day

While reading every day, don’t read something you don’t like. Read books, magazines, daily newspapers or whatever you enjoy reading the most. Reading material that doesn’t hold your attention will only waste precious time. However, it is necessary to read the newspaper daily.

Make a section-wise preparation strategy and practice a lot of quizzes.

It is very important that you practice as many quizzes as possible. Devise a strategy to include all the comprehension-based questions, grammar-based questions and vocabulary-based questions and the time required to solve them.

Note down whatever you find important

It is always good to have a notebook full of important notes which will help you in last minute revision or preparation. This book will act as your personal guide for the exam.

Practice Mock Tests for CLAT 2022

Mock tests are an important part of CLAT preparation as they highlight the difficulty level, type of questions, the pattern of the exam and give you an idea of ​​where you stand. They point out areas of growth and learning and therefore give an opportunity to work on them.

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Don’t waste your time on multiple books

English language grammar books have similar content and similar rules. Therefore, it is essential that the candidates use a special book to follow and do not waste time by biting off more than they can chew.

The Foreign Words Dilemma

Foreign language words (and idioms) demand special attention. There is every possibility that most of us are not familiar with them. Au Courante, Sab Rosa, Rara Avis, Stormi Petrel, Baazigar, Arriviste, Parvenu, to name a few, are amazing wonders in this category and are not often repeated.

If you are well versed in English, don’t get overconfident and take this section lightly, prepare well and your fluency in the language will be the icing on the cake. Candidates who are just starting to master English can definitely score high in this section with a defined strategy, positivity and enough practice.

The English section, be it of any entrance exam, is almost always possible. The more you practice, the more you get used to the questions and if you are lucky, you may find similar questions in CLAT 2022.

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