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How to Convert EML File Into Adobe PDF Format?

Articlesfit | This write-up contains information regarding how to convert EML file into PDF format. As both the file formats differ from each other on the basics of different email clients suite and sometimes the user needs to export multiple EML files into a PDF format. So, to perform this conversion, go through this post, But, firstly let’s grab some knowledge about the EML files and the PDF file format.

EML file format is used by Outlook Express and many other email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, etc. to store a single email message at a time. It treats every email message as a separate file format. The EML file is a combination of plain ASCII text and other attachments and hyperlinks are stored in the main body of these files.

PDF is a (Portable Document Format) file document that is used to store any number of fonts and images of any length. Therefore, this format is developed by Adobe and is especially used to create ebooks, etc. PDF files are often used to present and interchange documents and are independent of any hardware, tool, or Operating system.

So, in the below section, we discuss the reasons for converting EML files into PDF format. And, know the easy & simple solution to complete the task hassle-free. Let us begin step by step for the same:-

Know the Reasons Behind this EML Files Conversion

In the above scenario, one thing is completely understood: both formats are far more difficult from each other. One is used to store email messages and the other is for storing documents or files. Therefore, if the user wants to export from an EML file to PDF format then they must need to understand the process of EML to PDF conversion. And, being a person I know that it is not an easy task to do. Now, let us discuss some of the main reasons below in steps:-

  • EML files are more secure than PDF documents which can be viewed without any issue and the unauthorized user can not access the PDF data.
  • And, you can save several EML files in one place as a backup in a PDF document.
  • Doing this conversion you will get the entire email along with the other attachments in a single document.

“Hi, I am looking for a reliable solution to convert EML file into PDF format along with attachments. I have already tried many solutions to perform this conversion which is just a time-consuming process. And, still haven’t got any professional solution to do. So, please anyone guide me for the same.”

How to Export EML Files As a PDF Format?

If you want to complete this conversion process using a reliable solution. Then, here are two manual methods as well as automated methods which help you to complete this process with ease & simplicity. So, let us move one by one to complete the process:-

Manual Method to Convert EML File to PDF File Format

MS Outlook allows the user to use the in-built utility function for exporting EML to PDF format. For this, you must have the MS Outlook installation in your system. Follow the below steps for the conversion of the EML file to PDF format:

  • Firstly, Open the MS Outlook application and then select any random EML email file which you want to convert into a PDF format.
  • Go to the file menu option and select save as tag
  • Choose the HTML format to save the file at any desired location on your machine
  • Now, select save by going to the Office button
  • In the end, select the PDF format to save the EML file.

Disadvantages of Manual Method

The above manual method trick is easy to use to convert EML files into PDF format. But still, there might be certain issues that will arise during the EML to the PDF conversion process. Therefore, take a look at some of the problems regarding the manual method.

  • The data loss problem can also occur during using this method and the chances of some changes in the formatting of the EML emails.
  • It will not change EML emails to PDF if you want to export other attachments also. Therefore, it means you can’t opt for this approach.
  • It is a very time-consuming trick as a large number of databases need to be converted through this process. It requires more effort and energy while execute it.
  • Therefore, if you want to convert one or more than one EML file to PDF format then you can choose this manual method. But, if you want to convert more files then you have to repeat the whole process again and again which is too difficult to do.

Now, after performing the manual method, Let us move towards the automated professional software which is recommended by the experts to complete your entire process in just a single click.

Automated Software for Exporting Multiple EML File Into PDF Format

Use Bulk EML Files to PDF Format Conversion Tool which is one of the best and highly recommended solutions to convert EML files into PDF format. Users can easily perform a batch conversion of your emails exported as EML to PDF file format. It also allows you to convert EML files into different file formats like PST, EMLX, MSG, MHT, HTML, and TEXT.

Moreover, you can export your EML files to different email applications directly from the software. Its supported email applications are Yahoo, IMAP, Gmail, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Outlook, etc. This utility is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Now, follow the below steps to convert EML file into PDF format along with attachments. Which is an easy & simple solution for both technical and non-technical users hassle-free.

Step-by-Step Guide Process of the Tool

Following are the steps for converting multiple EML files into Adobe PDF format with attachments using the software. Let us start the process:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Window machine.
  2. Now, Explore the Folder and Preview Emails along with all attributes
  3. Either selected emails or complete folder then, click on the Export button
  4. Finally, Apply Advanced features and click on the Export button.

Observational Verdict

However, users are facing several issues to convert EML file into PDF format. The above article provides you with all the possible solutions to make your conversion process easy & quick for the same. By using an automated professional approach which is recommended by experts to easily export multiple EML files as an Adobe PDF format along with attachments. This tool is a hassle-free solution for technical and non-technical users. On the other hand, manually it is not possible to convert multiple EML files into a PDF format without attachments. Also, it takes too much time to complete the task. So, we suggest you go with our tool. Or you can choose as per your requirements also!

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