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How To Choose The Best Dive Watch For Your Money

A dive watch is one of the most important accessories every diver must have. It will help the diver to stay safe and to help them keep track of the time they spend in the water. Dive watches are robust and rigorously tested to ensure that they withstand the underwater harsh environment.

There are different types of dive watches on the market today, which can leave you confused while trying to buy the best dive watch that can match your standards. This article will guide you with the best tips you should consider before you invest in this sports gadget.

Diving is one of the most loved side activities of many individuals. To other people, diving is a profession. Therefore, remote ocean and scuba diving have many members that practice it from around the world. Within diving goals, breaking new limits and exploring new depths is an ultimate thrill for many. This article highlands some of the best places for scuba diving.

Here are some important things you should consider when you are looking for a dive watch

Unlike ordinary watches, dive watches are rated for their ability to withstand wear, tear and pressure at different depths. A decent dive watch ought to have a simple to understand dial, that you can read whilst you have put on a diving mask. In addition, the screen should be able to be read in low lighting conditions.

For a diving watch to pass the ISO 6425 global diving compliance tests, a dive watch should have a luminous watch face, that is clear in completely dark conditions and can be read from a distance of 25 cm.

The difference between a dive watch and an ordinary watch

Most dive watches do not have the ordinary push or pull side crowns that are found on most ordinary watches. Rather dive watches have a screw-down crown that guarantees that the inner operations of the watch are firmly closed against water seepage.

The band including the case materials of dive watches are produced using a material that withstands corrosion, and the dial window is produced using a hard material to ensure it withstands water pressures whilst you take your dive.

The type of diving determines the watch you will need

The kinds of diving you ought to be engaged in also determine what you should search for, whilst purchasing a dive watch. Therefore, the best dive watch for your money isn’t the one that is highly rated for the greatest depths.

If you are not anticipating doing any serious deep-sea diving, you don’t have to go and get the most expensive dive watch. Then again, if you want to take this career to greater heights of professionalism, then you will need to invest in a much more expensive gadget

While the best dive watches can be very expensive, they come with precision craftsmanship. In addition, if they are taken care of they can last you a lifetime. Many dive watches are exceptionally attractive, functional, and are stronger when compared to ordinary watches.

Perhaps the best place to begin your quest for the right dive watch is the web. Here you can have different choices with different specifications. In addition, you will find the best deals in terms of price, make as long as you make your purchase from a reputable website.

Best Tips When Choosing A Dive Watch

You should consider many things before picking and buying a dive watch. The tips below indicate the best factors that you should not overlook even if you are a casual diver or professional diver.


Make sure the dive watch is water-safe. This will help to ensure that it stays safe whilst it is submerged underwater. High-quality dive watches come with seals that restrict water seepage into the internal components of the watch.

Clearness (Easy To Read)

Ensure that everything on the dive watch screen is easy and simple to read. The dive watch screen should be read clearly in low light and poor conditions. Remember, you need to figure out how long it will take you to stay underwater.

Contrasting colors on the dive watch helps you to see the actual numbers being displayed on your gadget. Always ensure that the numbers are imprinted on the watch and not just painted. Paints always peel off and this could land you in great trouble while you are underwater.

A dive watch should be easy to adjust

Who needs a watch that cannot fit them? Would you be able to buy a watch that does not fit you? Many dive watches have adjustable wristbands or bracelets. Probably the most famous dive watches do have clasps that you can take off independently so the watch will correctly fit your wrist.

A proper depth rating

When you hit the water, you or the sea is in constant movement. Swimming, diving, climbing flows. All this puts enormous pressure on the watch. Even though safe “sporting” diving limits are viewed as around 40 meters or 130 feet. Many individuals suggest a water safe rating for 200 meters or 656 feet for dive watches. These figures will then guarantee that your watch can tolerate whatever pressures you subject it to while down there.

Unidirectional Bezel turning

A great diver watch bezel turns in a single way only. That is counter-clockwise! The justification here is that when the bezel gets knocked from another direction it will “show” more elapsed time. This may give you a wrong reading on your watch screen as a result make a decision wrongly.

Watch Straps on the dive watch

Certainly, elastic wristbands provide the best comfort and they are strong. Despite the fact, that rubber will not rust; over time they become brittle and break. The best option for dive watch straps is hardened stainless steel and titanium that will not rust. Titanium is lighter and more grounded than steel this makes it more costly than a steel strap.

If you go with Stainless Steel or Titanium, an extraordinary component is a wet suit extension. The folding connection will permit you to fit the band effectively over your jumpsuit when folded out and easily on your uncovered arm for outdoors wearing when folded in.


In case, you will use the watch for diving and not only for looking great, then ensure that it was designed for diving. You can as well look out for the best dive watch that will suit both your outdoor wear and including diving. If you do not want to be changing watches. Remember dive watches should not be very expensive but should be one that suits both your career needs and should be the right pick for your budget.

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