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How to Choose Grooming Gifts for Men?

Finding a grooming kit for a boyfriend, father, husband, friend or any other man in your life can be a little challenging. Unless he is very much into grooming, those well-intended gifts can end up at the back of the cabinet.

Gifting super exclusive products isn’t always a great idea. The products will get expired without being used. So, we have compiled a set of grooming products starting from men’s perfume gift sets to beard oils. Think of this as a guide for your shopping next time!

Body wash gift set

Well, it isn’t very common for guys to splurge on luxury body wash. But that’s where you do your research to find what kind of scent he loves.

Some of them have intoxicating pepper or citrus smell that will shake up his morning shower with freshness and confidence.

Skincare travel essentials

If he travels a lot, skincare essential with a mini facewash, shampoo, conditioner and a moisturiser will take care of his routine.

These items generally come in a pouch which makes them super easy to carry. Remember to keep it simple. A complicated skincare routine isn’t very convenient while travelling.

Mens Perfume Gift Set

Beard trimmer and nail cutter

A beard trimmer is something all men use nowadays. A powerful trimmer will keep his manscape in shape. A nail cutter in a portable case will keep his nails groomed in the holiday season.

For the trimmer, select something that has a cleaning brush and at least two adjustable guards.

Everyday men’s perfume gift set

Giving a luxe designer perfume to someone who appreciates brands is a well-thought investment.

But for people who don’t look for designer perfumes in their daily life, it is a waste. Instead, a fresh, cheap men’s perfume and a woody cheap aftershave will appeal to many guys.

cheap aftershaves

There are so many season-appropriate men’s fragrances at FCP to make him feel confident every day.

Beard oils and creams

If he is a believer of no-shave November endeavours, you know he is into the beard look. Help to tame and hydrate his beard and moustache with beard tonic oils.

Some irresistible cedar-scented ones in the market work fine with most guys. A beard cream will make the hairs soft and keep the skin moisturised.

Travel shaving kit

Men often find it difficult to carry their beloved shaving kits while travelling. Elevate his shaving experience with some unscented travel shaving set.

Keep the items simple with a 3-blade razor, shaving cream or foam, a brush and some after-shaving balm. You can also add a travel-size cheap aftershave lotion to further enhance the experience.

For someone who loves the clean shave look, this one is a no-brainer!

Mens Perfume Gift Set

Skincare kit

If your guy is into using facewash and moisturisers, chances are he will love a clean and simple skincare routine. Many of them also don’t know which products to try.

Ask him about his skin and find a skincare kit that will suit his skin type. There are brands like Dr Barbara, Tom Ford who has amazing skincare essentials for men. For starters stick to an exfoliator, a serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to upgrade his grooming game.

We hope that with these ideas it will be easier for you to find a perfect grooming kit for men. The idea is to take cues from his interests or routines and enhance them slightly.

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