How Product Review Websites Benefit Online Marketers

If you’re an online marketer wondering how product review websites such as can benefit you, read on to learn how you can start benefiting from the practice. Here are three reasons:


[1] 3.5 times higher conversion rates

Online marketers who feature customer reviews experience 3.5 times higher conversion rates than those who don’t. According to eMarketer, 54% of consumers believe the reviews more than the product description. Additionally, reviews can improve a product’s search engine ranking and visibility. The following are three ways to improve your product reviews. First, consider the use of keywords in your reviews. For example, “amazon” might be an excellent choice if your product has a high page rank.

Second, consider the power of customer reviews. More than half of internet users post reviews online at least once a month, and more than 50% expect a business’s response within a week. Additionally, 97 percent of shoppers read businesses’ responses to reviews, and eight out of ten consumers use online reviews to make a purchase decision. Finally, consider that product pages with customer reviews are 3.5 times more likely to generate sales.

Lastly, make sure that your content is informative and helpful. The more information you have, the more likely a potential customer will convert. An easy way to do this is by allowing your customers to write reviews. Consumers are highly likely to leave a review, so don’t be shy! Most reviews will contain positive comments. But if you want to create engaging and informative content, include a detailed description of the product you are selling.

Another way to improve your conversion rate is to look at the type of visitors. For example, e-commerce conversion rates are lower than finance, and e-commerce conversion rates are lower than those of the other two industries. However, the top ten conversion rates will give you a sense of accomplishment regardless of your industry. It might not be worth it if your customers aren’t buying something because they’re reading about a product review. This holds true whether customers read reviews about customized shipping containers or a Brooklyn pizzeria.

[2] Increased trust

A recent study by BrightLocal shows that 62 percent of consumers are skeptical about the validity of reviews, even though many read them. Consumers believe that reviews are genuine only when backed by other consumers’ opinions. Thankfully, product review websites can help online marketers avoid past mistakes. Listed below are three reasons why these websites are essential to online marketers.

The first reason to encourage your product review website is that your customers are likely to trust the opinions expressed by actual customers. Consumers who trust product reviews are more likely to purchase if they’ve read a good review by a trustworthy source. Despite this, 92% of B2B buyers believe that a review by a trusted source increases their likelihood of buying. This fact alone reveals the importance of hearing feedback from real customers. It helps build a better customer experience and helps to paint a clearer picture of the entire customer journey. Review websites also allow you to respond to customers, closing the loop.

Consumers trust product reviews with high ratings from their peers. Almost half of the consumers say they trust reviews from products with more than a handful of reviews. Furthermore, users prefer products with at least four reviews, although fewer reviews can increase their satisfaction. As the number of reviews increases, consumers are more likely to purchase. Moreover, the number of reviews a consumer reads also affects their trust in the product.

Managing reviews is a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. According to a survey by BrightLocal, nearly nine out of 10 consumers look for reviews on local businesses online. Additionally, 85% of consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations. The power of online reviews is so great that the number of people who read product reviews on local businesses can significantly affect their purchase decisions. Consumers want to know that the reviewers they’re reading are people they can relate to.

Regardless of the reviews you read, it’s important to remember that not all reviews are created equal. Consumers tend to trust third-party reviews more because they are not edited or curated by the companies who make them. Additionally, consumers can also check the number of reviews that are flagged. Transparency of flagging also ensures that the company won’t abuse this power. Whether a product review or a customer testimonial, the process is essential and should be streamlined.

One study shows that customers trust reviews; if a product or service gets five or more positive reviews, the likelihood of purchase increases by 270%. This study also found that the number of reviews correlates less with the price. However, it did show a more significant effect on higher-priced products. Overall, higher-priced items increased conversion rates by 380%, while lower-priced things saw a 190% increase.

[3] Improved customer experience

A business can significantly benefit from improved customer experience from product review websites. These sites let online marketers know exactly what past customers think of a product. This is extremely helpful for new businesses as they can gain positive differentiation from established competitors. In addition, more positive reviews from past customers mean people are more likely to buy from a company. Therefore, online marketers should pay attention to the reviews from existing customers and incorporate their feedback into their product and marketing plans.

Previously, customers had to contact several vendors to compare their products. Then, they would request information, free trials of software, samples of products, brochures, and catalogs from different vendors. They would then make a purchase based on a sales pitch. Product review websites have made this process a breeze. For online marketers, a better experience means more potential customers. Here are some ways to improve your customer experience from product review websites:

Read customer reviews before making any decision. According to statistics, 89% of online shoppers will check product reviews during the shopping process. This way, potential customers have already formed a first impression about your brand and need reassurance before converting into a buyer. In addition, a well-written, heartfelt response is more likely to influence the buying decision than a simple like or a dislike. This method may take a bit of time, but it is an essential part of digital marketing.

It is critical to respond to negative reviews promptly. Not only will it improve the customer experience, but it will also strengthen the business relationship with customers. Reacting to positive reviews allows you to build a more lasting relationship with customers and become advocates for your brand. This is important because it improves the customer experience overall, which will benefit your SEO. The customer experience is a reflection of your brand, so responding to any negative reviews and encouraging positive feedback is essential.

It is imperative to collect as many reviews as possible and ensure they are legitimate and come from real people. Analyzing customer reviews can help your company understand what customers want and are satisfied with. By engaging with positive reviews, your company will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Besides, positive reviews will help you convert interested consumers into customers and leads into customers. There is no substitute for positive reviews, and improving customer experience through product reviews can benefit your business.

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