How much should a beginner in photography charge?

There are three main types of photographers – beginners, amateurs, and those in it as a hobby. They are all different and may not charge the same amount for their services. While some take up photography for a career, others do photography because of their passion. Both can make good money.

There is no fixed rate that a beginner or an amateur may charge but how much to charge is a concern for all newcomers to the profession. A good photographer will make anything from a four-figure to a six-figure salary every month. The pay scale may vary depending on the quality of work. If you are outstanding then there will be no limits to the money you can make.

Getting familiar with average rates

In general, there is no fixed rate. It depends on the type of photography you offer. Experts in wedding and event photography are normally assured a decent income. Those good at making portraits are always in demand.

Commercial photographers will always be hired by different companies. They usually earn a four to six-figure salary. A good commercial photographer or a fashion photographer will always have more potential to earn money.

How to determine the average cost you can charge?

No formula can help you calculate the average price that you will earn on a monthly basis. You have to keep in mind that when taking good photographs, even at the beginner level, you will always have to use different techniques.

The actual cost you should charge will depend on the type of technique you are making use of. If you are already using drone techniques and digital editing techniques then you can charge more.

But if you are following the traditional methods, then your rates are already fixed. You do not earn much money if your photographs have nothing unique to offer to clients. Several factors have to be kept in mind while working out your charges. It is important to focus on the location too. Since some location settings may cost more, you charge the client for the location. Naturally, the location settings will always increase or decrease the photography budget.

Creating effects

Does the client need quality photographs? If yes, then you have to edit the photos using advanced techniques. Expert photographers are not dependent on free tools. They will always have licensed software for editing the images.

This is why the cost of editing any image will always be on the higher side. Editing helps create images that look highly professional. So the money and effort you invest when editing will also be charged to the client.

Even if you are new in this field, you will have to make use of these tools. You can only charge the client for your best work. You cannot afford to pay it out of your pocket. The amount of money that you charge will depend on the work quality you provide to the client.

How much should you charge?

As a photographer, you are still concerned about how much you should charge as a beginner in the profession? You have to work out the total cost depending on the money you invest in clicking and editing the photos.

If photography is a hobby, you can offer your services for free. You can also sell the photograph for a high price. It’s up to you and depends on the quality of the image clicked.

At the beginner level, many apprenticeship photographers will also be willing to work under experts, free of cost. This is important to get experience in the field. You have to work out your rates.

If you feel that you can provide outstanding results, then you can always charge for your services. You can also charge based on your work skills. The amount will vary depending on whether you are a professional or an amateur. Amateur photographers in turn will charge more than beginners.

You can also check out the best rates that professional photographers charge in your area. All photographers are different and their rates may vary depending on their experience, quality of work, and professional standing.

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