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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Like ZocDoc?

In addition, the sector has had to work hard to close the gap between patients and doctors, which is caused by the mobilized health care economy. It is one of the revolution’s most essential digital components, making healthcare easier and more accessible than ever. The Doctor Appointment App is one of them. It is now possible to handle things like reservations, cancellations, rebooking, follow-ups, and reminders online because of the development of digital healthcare IT solutions. This means that there is no longer a need for paper appointment schedules and the hassle that comes with them. It’s because online appointment booking apps are so easy to use that they have become a huge hit with everyone who works in the healthcare field. This makes it a big part of the healthcare mobile apps trends where App Like ZocDoc becomes the most popular healthcare app ideas.

The Reasons for the Rise in Demand Doctor Appointment Booking Apps

The ease of use – in terms of scheduling and monitoring – that doctor appointment applications provide has elevated them to a prominent position in the Healthcare & fitness mobile application development area.

An online appointment booking system has been found to be preferred by 43 percent of patients, according to a recent poll. In addition, 72 percent of patients and 60 percent of healthcare professionals believe that online appointment scheduling tools encourage patients to keep their scheduled visits.

A mobile application for scheduling appointments at your hospital is needed, as shown in the infographic below.

A few doctor appointment booking apps have emerged as market leaders as a result of the constant attention and increased acceptability by all stakeholders in the healthcare system, including investors.

Top Players of the Doctor Appointment App Category

There are a number of other apps that perform similarly well in the healthcare industry, in addition to Practo and ZocDoc Clone, the two most popular doctor appointment booking apps in the world.

These applications are the best in their respective medical appointment categories due to a combination of factors. However, one thing that unites them all is the collection of functionality that each program offers.

A list of characteristics that have now become a must-have collection for healthcare brands trying to maintain constant growth and demand from all connected stakeholders.

Let’s have a look at what those characteristics are.

Key Features to Include in your Medical App For Doctors Appointment

Stakeholders’ Profiles

The doctor appointment app has two main sections: Doctor and User Profile. The user profile contains information such as the user’s name, age, gender, and basic health information such as weight, height, blood group, and so on. The doctor’s profile will include information such as their specialty, clinic location, visit costs, etc.

The user’s profile page should be considered as their personal health chart, and the doctor’s profile page as a section where everything should be there, as indicated.

Doctor and Clinic Search

The Search option is the next must-have feature for doctor appointment app development. Your patients’ side of the user group should be able to search for doctors and clinics based on various criteria such as specialization, clinic or doctor name, wait time, visitation fees, and so on. Choose a large search filter menu to provide the greatest services to your users.

Geo-Location Based Search

A geo-location-based option to allow patients to search for doctors and clinics in their area of home or work would be another addition to the list of MVP (Minimal Viable Product) features. You may utilize Google Maps and Apple Maps to integrate a location-based search feature into your doctor appointment booking mobile app.

The benefit is that your medical app’s usability will improve considerably, as will the time spent using it for doctor appointments.

Appointment Booking

The function is, without a doubt, one of your app’s most basic capabilities for finding doctors. The appointment booking feature you’re introducing should be part of a very basic interface, where choosing a doctor and confirming a time slot for arranging an appointment is quick and painless.

Patients should be able to choose a future date based on their availability, while doctors should be able to accept or reject the appointment in real-time based on their availability.

The FAQs on Doctor Appointment Booking App Development

Which platform to go with first? 

The answer to this would lie with your demographics. If your user group belongs to western nations, go with iOS. If you are planning to expand your bases all over the world, go with Android. 

We advocate investing in React Native Healthcare Mobile App Development on both Android and iOS to maximize both platforms.

How will I manage the doctor’s listing?

As an app administrator, you will have a separate profile where you may add the doctors’ listings and other information. You’ll also have the option of removing or editing a doctor’s information from the app.

Should I develop a web app as well?

If you have a steady flow of visitors, expanding into the PWA field would be a good idea. This would merely expose your software to a million additional users for a very low cost. At the same time, the cost of developing a doctor appointment booking app is being reduced.


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