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How Much Does an Owner-Operator Truck Driver Make & Their Job Description?

The base salary of an owner-operator truck driver is within the US is $61,356 for a year. The majority of drivers begin their careers by working for the trucking industry. After you’ve acquired an experience level, you may decide to be an owner-operator who is self-employed. What is the average amount an owner-operator truck driver earns as compared to. the solo and team drivers? In this guide, which is provided by International Used Truck Centers we’ll examine the amount semi truck drivers earn depending on the location, experience, and operating mode.


How much do semi-truck drivers earn in a year? If you’re considering entering the field, earning a pay will surely be among your primary concerns. In contrast to the standard pay of many occupations truck drivers earn their money per mile. The salary of a truck driver is also contingent on other aspects. Here’s what you should be aware of:

  • Group Company Drive as opposed to. solo driving The team company drivers do runs in a group which reduces the need to stop to take a nap between shifts. However solo drivers need to take more frequent breaks to rest between shifts.
  • Owner-Operators What is a driver who’s an owner-operator earn? Self-employed drivers typically earn greater gross income, but also have to pay for operating costs.
  • OTR and. Local Routes — The farther you’re willing and able to drive and the longer you drive, the more money you could earn. OTR (or “over the road”) truck drivers are several weeks in the open road and can earn more than local or regional drivers. But local driving comes with benefits of its own. You’ll arrive home on time to eat dinner.
  • Experience even drivers with less than a year of experience earn an average of $57,611. If you have more than a decade of work experience the annual salary can be $70K or more.
  • Location — Certain towns and areas pay their drivers higher than other regions. So what is the median salary truckers earn in your area? In the next section, we’ll examine the average salaries of truck drivers across the nation.


How much do semi truck drivers earn in a year? The location is an important aspect of the equation. Like you would expect, areas that have a lot of open roads will earn a greater pay. South Dakota is the most profitable states for drivers of trucks having an average wage of 25% more than the average for the nation. North Dakota and Nebraska are next with +18% , and +16 percent respectively. Drivers make much more than the average wage for Kansas, Montana, Idaho and Iowa. However, the their average earnings are less than the average wage in Maine, New Hampshire, Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana. There is also a variation between cities. Find the top eight US cities that have truck drivers below:

  • Charlotte, NC — $74,444
  • Salt lake City, UT – $73,030
  • Indianapolis, IN — $72,261
  • Phoenix, AZ — $69,118
  • Omaha, NE — $68,322
  • Dallas, TX — $60,789
  • Houston, TX — $60,734
  • Chattanooga, TN — $60,508


What’s the amount that an owner-operator truck driver earn in terms of their take-home pay? Owner-operated truckers make +47.83 percent more than the typical base salary, but you’ll have to consider the overhead expenses. Should you be willing to accept the extra responsibility, managing your own business is a great way to be rewarded. Here’s a brief overview of both the benefits and drawbacks

  • The Internet is not a middle Man Owner-operators work directly with businesses and earn higher rates-per-mile.
  • Create A Fleet If things go well you’ll have the option to employ your own drivers.
  • Choose Your Customers Owner-operators have complete control over the people they haul for. You can work as a driver on a contract basis or offer your services to just one client or product.
  • Higher Insurance Rates Smaller company size will result in higher rates, meaning you’ll have to raise rates to offset the cost.


Are you looking for more information on the amount a trucker could earn? Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have and to help you choose the most suitable truck for your needs. Check out our extensive inventory of premium pre-owned Kenworth, Peterbilt, and International trucks that are available near you.

Owner Operator Truck Driver Requirements

The requirements for a driver of a truck operating an operator include the requirement for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) comprised of a written section and a driving test based on the state. Drivers also must take random drug tests on the job to keep their standing. A felony committed in a motor vehicle can be the reason to suspend a driver’s CDL.

According to the owner-operating organization, which is the American Trucking Association, or ATA the person must have and operate at the very least an individual trucks to qualify in the category of owner operator. An owner-operator is considered a contracting employee for the company and not an employee.

Owner Operator Job Description

Owner operators are accountable to ensure the safety of cargo trucks for long distances while complying with the traffic laws. They are also responsible for taking cargo off and on, determining routes, working with dispatchers and recording every trucking activity. Drivers keep track of wear and tear and keep their equipment and trucks in order to make sure they function at their best.

The business-related responsibilities of the description of a job for an owner-operator include the creation of a reliable plan of work that maximizes the profitability. Other duties in the business include accounting tasks including providing tax information as well as estimating business expenditures in order to calculate net income.

Work Environment

Drivers who are owner operators of trucks face an increased risk of injury and the risk of dying in comparison to other occupations that are primarily impacted by accidents on the road. The work typically involves long hours working on their own, which creates physical and psychologically challenging environment. Like all truck drivers owner-operated truck drivers frequently have to deal with stress from traffic congestion, detours breakdowns in equipment, and bad weather.

It is a very sedentary job that increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases as well as high blood pressure and issues with the musculoskeletal system. Inconsistent diet choices while driving, coupled with inactivity leads to weight increase and obesity.

Pay and Job Outlook

As per BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS The median annual salary for the entire heavy truck driver population is $47,130 which is $22.66 per hour at the time of 2020. Owner-operators are able to get a higher salary due to the fact that they own their own trucks.

The Truck Drivers Salary, also known as TDS explain that it’s not unusual for the owner-operator driver salaries to be in excess of six figures; however, the actual profits after expenses can be significantly less. The TDS estimates that owner-operators earn $52,500 on average in their first year after paying taxes, maintenance fees as well as insurance premiums and loan installments.

Overall, the heavy-trucking industry is projected to expand at a rate that is 6 per cent between the years 2020- 2030, which is about twice as fast as the average for all industries. The demand will be fueled by the increase in household and business demand for various products. The BLS also notes that the majority of the freight moving in the U.S. is transported by trucks.



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