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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Helps To The Customers?

Understanding Omnichannel Customer Service

Customer experience is the crucial factor in the customer’s decision-making process. With customer expectations changing swiftly, you must deliver customer service that adapt with them. Now they have different ways to engage with your brand including traditional channels and multiple digital channels. And all are part of customer experience. Delivering experiences across your brand’s touch points matter and this is referred to as omnichannel Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. A touch point is your brand’s point of customer contact, and it is where your customers come in contact with your brand. For example, social media, websites, call centers, web chats, email, SMS, messaging and all.

Omnichannel customer experience is very crucial as it help you get necessary insights into customer behavior, trends, and interactions across their buying cycle. Best omnichannel customer service attracts more customers and improves the customer retention rate. The solution that helps you deliver an omnichannel experience is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. It enables you to connect and engage with your customers across all digital touchpoints.

If you want to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, get in touch with Microsoft Partners. Their Dynamics 365 consultants will provide guidance on Dynamics 365 Customer Service, implementation, support and training. If your business is in any of the Middle East, Asian or African countries, get the help from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

Advantages of a successful omnichannel customer service

A good customer experience is the fundamental element of quality customer service. Customers will be more inclined to your service or products when they receive quality experiences across their preferred channels. Let us have a look at some of the advantages of omnichannel customer service. Built-in AI allows automation opportunities across channels, topics and agents to improve support delivery. It also helps to identify emerging trends and understand customer interactions in real-time. Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides enhanced visibility into your agent’s performance and other factors.

Earn customer loyalty fast:

Omnichannel customer service is quick and transparent. It provides a frictionless experience to customers across their preferred channels. And this makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Moreover, with a smoother overall process, you can win your customers trust easily and quickly.

Seamless purchasing options:

Omnichannel approach opens more opportunities to meet your growing needs. It allows your customers to purchase products or services seamlessly across channels. For example, the self-service purchase option. This self-service option for customers frees up customer service. And sales agent’s time and they can focus on other critical tasks. Agents get a comprehensive view of your customer profiles and the earlier interactions with support. With rich insights from customer details, agents can deliver smooth support to customers in a supportive manner. The applications allows to connect with customers through voice, chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so from a centralized platform. With access to conversation history, agents can foresee customers’ needs.

Boost revenue growth:

Omnichannel customer experience allows customers to make potential purchases. When they need at any time and from any place without the hassles of traditional buying. This seamless purchasing option with the transparent and connected digital experiences helps to maximize revenue growth and customer fulfillment.

Competitive advantage:

 Having an omnichannel strategy gives you a competitive advantage. The existing omnichannels lets you activate and introduce new channels. Which helps you stay competitive in the market. With seamless interactions across new channels, you can attract more customers and revenue.

Omnichannel strategy brings additional benefits to your business.

Streamline service using customer data:

Solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service uses customer data to streamline customer service. Customer data will be of great help to streamline customer service experience. It helps agents to better understand their customers and provide personalized engagement and solutions.

Personalized experiences:

Dynamics 365 uses advanced solutions like AI and machine learning to gain insights into customer preferences. With these insights, you can personalize experiences to each customer and deliver service that fully satisfies them. This helps to maximize revenue and business growth.

Create new value with customer data and connected devices:

With customer data not only, you can meet customers where they are, but also can anticipate their needs. This helps your teams to understand and meet customer needs and provide the service they expect. This increases customer retention rate. According to Forrester, the leading global research firm, enterprises that deployed Dynamics 365 Customer Service have brought about significant savings and greater return of investment.

Omnichannel strategy works well for B2B and B2C organizations in a range of industries. It is also valuable for organizations in the financial, health care and for the businesses that need to give comprehensive support to customers across multiple channels.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

When it comes to delivering omnichannel customer service to your customers. It will be worth it deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service or Dynamics 365 Commerce (for retail business). You can add omnichannel capability to Dynamics 365 Customer with omnichannel add-in support. Your Microsoft Partner will help you in this scenario. Licensing plans for customer service includes Dynamics 365 Customer Service professional and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise.

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce is an industry-leading Microsoft application designed to provide seamless buying experience for customers and partners. Enterprises can make the best customer engagement possible by deploying Dynamics 365 Commerce. The application offers intelligent capabilities and tools that strengthen your brand reputation. To gain access to a range of resources and deeper insights into customer trends and practices, it makes sense to rely on experienced Dynamics 365 providers. Dynamics 365 Commerce provides seamless Microsoft dynamics 365 gold partner buying experience across all channels. The application connects your online store, physical store, and back-end operations on a unified commerce platform.
  • Allows customers to make the decision when, how, and where they want to purchase. They can buy on any device and across online and offline channels

Omnichannel for customer service enable you to rapidly connect and engage with customers through SMS, Microsoft Teams, Live Chat and Voice. It allows customer service agents to engage with customers across different channels. You can route customers to the right customer service agent who is best prepared to help. To take full advantage of customer service solution from Microsoft, it makes sense to get the help from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

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