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How HVD Works And Top Benefits Of Getting Cloud-Hosted Desktops

Hosted virtual desktops (HVD) are the desktop that’s created with the help of VDI technology. But before that let’s take a brief look over conventional desktop PC. It occupies physical space and can be accessed mostly from a single location by the user. Data is stored exclusively on this particular device and that data cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Now let’s talk about the HVD also “How HVD works?– This is going to put a lot of time and even limitations related to space and over conventional, physical desktop PCs. The Hosted Virtualized Desktop (HVD) runs under a conventional operating system like Microsoft Windows. Here are some pros or benefits of getting a Cloud Hosted Desktop for your business.

Handle any level of Workload with Hosted VDI

It is considered to be pretty much challenging to build a flexible working environment for employees by using traditional desktops. Also, there is a need for state of art infrastructure to handle the load of a huge number of desktops. ACE Cloud Hosting is providing cloud-hosted desktop services and depends on consistent networks and superfast servers’ to deliver high performance of resource-intensive apps.

The hosted VDI Solutions are compatible to host any Windows-based application so that you can work on your desktop apps from anywhere and at any time.

Entirely managed VDI 

As you are a business owner, you will never want to waste time resolving IT issues when you are already having crucial aspects to be looked after. With the help of Hosted VDI services, you will be getting solutions that are ready to use with all our required applications. The apps are pre-installed, the configuration of the settings is done and user permissions are defined as per your demands.

You and the workspace belonging to you are provided with a workstation that is not only mobile. Also, it is free from any kind of IT hassles. The in-house team of experts that are available 24/7 to manage your hosted virtual desktops adds more quality to the services that are provided to you.

How HVD Works and Top benefits of getting Cloud-hosted desktops

Highly secures Hosted desktops

Physical desktops are more vulnerable to thefts and cybercrime. Thus it becomes easy for hackers to target them. Also, it collects information that may be on your behalf or other important files etc. These hosted services realize that services of your desktops application and other important data need good security to get your business functioning and growth much higher.

Implementing safeguards like IP restrictions, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IPS/IDS), DDoS protection all among others can be a great step to get the protection or security much tighter and much higher.

Advantages of HVD 

So now let’s discuss some advantages that are elaborated to a higher extent:

  • Whole data and productivity applications are stored in a central location
  • HVD can be accessed by the user using multiple device platforms
  • There is no need for the company to invest in storage for each desktop
  • If the device of an individual is lost or stolen then there is no risk
  • Users can be able to start his/her work from where it was left earlier, at the last login
  • No need for additional hardware procurement for increasing the number of HVDs
  • An organization can reduce the number of deployed HVDs in an instant way
  • There are no fixed or variable costs to be incurred when the infrastructure of HVDs is on-premises.
  • There is a need to install Security patches and software patches only within a central location


So, this was all about “How HVD works” and its advantages the only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that getting a secured Hosted Desktop. This is because the best you can do for your business is secure and also for the growth of it.

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