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The on demand services industry has been around for a while. What was earlier an unorganised sector has now turned into a seamless industry with the help of the Gojek clone app. In this blog post we will try to draw out a comparison between the ‘THEN’ and ‘NOW’ of the on demand industry with respect to the induction of the Gojek clone app about half a decade ago.
But before we dive into that, let us try to understand the concept of the Gojek clone app and then move on to the comparative analysis. We will also close the blog post by helping entrepreneurs find out how they can launch their own on demand business with the help of the Gojek clone app. So, let us get started.


The Gojek clone is a multi service app. There is no doubt about the fact that apps have revolutionised every industry that they have touched. Likewise, the on demand multi service industry too has undergone massive changes ever since this app was introduced in the market.
However, we will get down to the changes later and focus on understanding the app itself. The Gojek clone app works by using all the features of the modern day smart phone in order to make it easy for users to hire service providers. The app is more than a listing. It is a medium that not only enables users to see the services providers who offer their services in their area, but also to hire them after taking a look at their experience, their expertise, the kind of star rating and reviews they have gotten over the past tenure within the app and the price that they wish to quote for the service in question.
This app has proved to be a blessing to most service providers as they can now act independently and offer their services based on their convenience and at a price point that they are comfortable with.


We will now get down to comparing the ‘THEN’ and ‘NOW’ scenarios of the market based on the Gojek clone app.


Before the Gojek clone app service providers would have to solely rely on their physical visibility and the word of mouth in order to get jobs. Not only would this be extremely difficult, chances were that they would lose out on a lot of business just because people did not know about them.
Since the app lists all the service providers within an area and also shows their experience, expertise and the ratings and reviews that they have been given by their previous users, it is extremely easy for users to simply open the app and find them. No more running around the streets, preparing flashy banners or hoping someone would find them. The app allows the service providers to reach out to a much larger audience easily.


As a general rule of thumb, people always feel like they are over paying or getting under paid. This is something that has not changed over millennia and nor will it change in the near future. Because there was no transparent billing system, the users would always feel cheated or over charged and the service providers would always feel under paid. A bargaining practice would follow suit leaving everyone unhappy.
Since the entire process of hiring is so transparent, there is no room for ambiguity with respect to pricing. The service providers list their prices on the app and the users can see these prices before hand itself. No bargaining, no hard feelings. Everyone leaves happy.


The Gojek clone app is a very profitable solution for aspiring entrepreneurs. It allows you as the app owner to make a one time investment in a system that has proven itself to be practical and a much needed one.
This is why; once you invest in a Gojek clone app, you can rest assured that you will make a whole lot of money. Since the mobile app covers over 70 different services and you can make money every time someone uses your app to hire anyone, you can start making money right from the day you launch the app.


The world is evolving rapidly and using technology to solve all its problems. With the help of the Gojek clone app, you can now ensure that you too have your hands on a potential money minting business in no time.
So, invest in a feature rich Gojek clone app built by a reputed white label on demand mobile app Development Company that has built and launched at least a thousand of these apps so that you can reach the top of the pyramid and start making money right from the day you launch the app in the market.

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