How Does Screen Printing Work?

Screen printing is just one technique that the best manufacturers offer. As a perfect example, a company that makes nameplates, decals, stickers, and tags for various operational purposes can have important information printed using this method. To ensure you get what you need at an affordable price, choose a trusted source for screen printing in Mississauga.

What Is Screen Printing?

Before describing how this method works, it might help to gain a better understanding of the product that a screen-printing company in Toronto provides. Say you need safety decals to place around potentially dangerous areas within your company. Using the screen-printing technique, the manufacturer stencils the warning information directly onto the surface of the decals.

When choosing a company to perform this service, make sure it can give you exactly what you need. Some companies have limited capabilities. So, go with a source that provides custom screen printing in Toronto. That way, it can create a one-of-a-kind product specifically for your business and the intended application.

How Do the Services for Screen Printing in Mississauga Work?

For custom screen printing in Toronto, the following are the steps taken.

  • Image or Logo Design – If you plan to include an image or your company’s logo on the finished product, you’ll need to supply it to the company doing screen-printing in Toronto. Start by calling the source to determine the different formats they accept. If you don’t have an image or design made, some screen-printing companies have design experts on staff to assist.
  • Printing the Image – With the image you want to use, an expert would then print it onto a transparent film.


  • Coating the Screen – From there, the professional doing the screen printing in Mississauga for you would use a photosensitive emulsion to cover the screen. They’ll use the correct amount based on how thin or thick you need the design.
  • Burning the Screen – For the next step, the expert places the transparent film on the screen, followed by placing it in an exposure unit. The workpiece material, colors, and complexity dictate the amount of time it takes to complete this step.
  • Rinsing the Image – As part of the services for custom screen printing in Toronto, the screen gets rinsed off with cold water. This step is quite important. The individual providing the service will pay close attention to any flaking. The goal is to continue spraying the screen until the image appears clearly and no flaking occurs.
  • Taping the Screen – Next, masking tape goes around the inside parameter of the screen. The purpose is to prevent any ink from bleeding into the edges. This also allows the professional to see any areas void of emulsion.
  • Setting up the Screen – The screen-printing company in Toronto you hired moves on to this, which entails connecting the press and screen. Then everything’s properly lined up with the substrates and screwed firmly in place.
  • Printing the Screen – This is the fun part of the process when the professional spreads your chosen color or colors on top of the screen. To get the colors even, they run this through a special machine.
  • Curing the Ink – In the final step for custom screen printing in Toronto, the expert removes your product carefully and slowly from the plate. It’s then allowed to cure. Some companies allow the product to dry naturally, while others use a heater designed for this process.

Allow Us to Make an Amazing Product for You

When you’re ready to place an order, contact us. We have many years of experience as a screen-printing company in Toronto.

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