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How Do I Repair SQL Database Using DBCC CHECKDB Safely?

Recently we get a user query from one of our daily readers & he seems to be in trouble. He said that I don’t know how my MDF files caught corruption. How do I repair SQL database using DBCC CHECKDB? Is there any solution to take care of that? Please suggest any better option if possible. As we saw the user is in trouble & seeking a solution very eagerly. We solved his query but that’s when we realized that so many users are getting affected by this corruption issue.

Evidently, we are here to provide them with the best solution to repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB method. We’re sure that users can easily get the results they are seeking by using the solutions mentioned below. We truly understand your situation as we closely experienced this.

Hence, this article is going to have both the automated solution as well as the DBCC CHECKDB solution. Along with the solutions, the advantages & disadvantages are also there. Evidently, this can help users in solving this problem like a  professional.

Repair SQL Database DBCC CHECKDB – Automated Alternative

Before we move on towards the DBCC method, it’s better if we look at the much better alternative. The automated solution is the perfect way to avoid the old & risky solution. This automated solution is developed by industry experts after years of research & development.

Now, they integrated the latest technology into this solution including artificial intelligence & machine learning. Moreover, we can say that users will feel much safer using this tool. That’s because this tool holds the capability of protecting your data files from several threats.

Download this ultra-modern Tool to Fix SQL Database Corruption & then simply follow the below steps to get the best ever results.

Step-1. Install & Launch the Utility & Click on the Open button to add the damaged files.


Step-2. Set Quick or Advanced Scan mode for scanning minor to major level corruption.


Step-3. Choose the Destination as SQL Server, CSV File format, or Script File format.  


Step-4. Finally, Select the Database Objects & then Hit the Export or Save button.

step-4 how do I repair SQL database using DBCC CHECKDB


  • Capable to repair & recovering the SQL Database MDF, NDF, & LDF data files.
  • Solves minor to major level corruption issues from the data files with ease.
  • Smartly exports the repaired data to SQL Server, CSV file, or Script file.
  • Allow users to process large-sized data files in the software easily.
  • Users can even recover their deleted SQL database objects too.

How Do I Repair SQL Database Using DBCC CHECKDB Manually?

The manual method of this solution is risky you guys can learn it to use in emergency situations only. We are not recommending you use this as the primary method for solving the corruption issues in your SQL database.

There can be various issues while using this solution, such as full data loss of files, partial data loss, operation getting stuck in between the process, & much more. Still, users can use this solution in case, they have no other option left. Also, this solution includes the transact SQL commands that new users are not proficient in.

Users have to run the DBCC, CHECKDB command here to execute the manual method. This command is further divided into three commands & users can select any one as per their preference.


This command allows users to repair SQL database DBCC CHECKDB with all the minor to major level corruption issues solved. However, there is a risk of data loss. The elements from which the system can not remove the corruption, it deletes them straight away.


This command can be used to repair the issues faster than usual. We can say that this one is fast but the problem is that it is not capable of resolving the high-level corruption issues with ease. It only handles minor level issues.


This one is the ultimate command. It rebuilds the database from the beginning solving all corruption issues from minor to major ones. However, this makes this solution very slow. Users do not have much time to wait until the operation ends up naturally.

Repair SQL Database DBCC CHECKDB – Manual Method Drawbacks

The manual methods have several drawbacks in it that can be very irritating for the end users. We’re mentioning the most critical ones here for users to have a look at.

  • Risk to Database Files

These solutions are dangerous & we can say that they possess a severe risk to users’ data files. One wrong command can result in a total wipeout of the entire SQL Server database.

  • Slow & Time Consuming

These manual solutions are very slow. Even the fastest manual commands are much slower than the automated method. If time is money for you, this method is not for you at all.

  • No Advance Features

Users often ask how do I repair SQL database using DBCC CHECKDB as there are no advanced features. Yes, all the steps & procedure here is manually adjusted. There are no ways to make the work easier.

  • Outdated User Interface

The User Interface of this utility is also quite outdated. This is why users have to face various difficulties in getting the perfect solution. New users are not familiar with such outdated UIs.

  • Require Proficiency

If you want to execute the manual solution smartly, then you should be proficient in the commands. Without having the core knowledge about the SQL Server technicalities, this task is quite difficult.

The Conclusion

Do you also have a query like how do I repair SQL database using DBCC CHECKDB? If yes, we are quite sure that by now, you’re able to execute the best solution to get desired results. Yes, this is not easy but with the right tool & technique, you won’t face any difficulties. Hence, the automated solution is quite reliable as most IT experts themselves recommend that to users.

Evidently, the above-stated automated tool is reliable & several Microsoft MVPs are impressed by the results. It solves all the issues that might trouble you & the best part is that it comes with a demo version. You buy this tool only after you get satisfied with the results using the demo version. 

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