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How DDoS Protection is useful for Romania VPS Server?

By flooding the server with internet traffic or interrupting its normal flow of information, DDoS attacks disrupt a server’s normal traffic. This is similar to an unexpected traffic jam preventing regular traffic from reaching its goal.

Multiplying compromised computer systems will maximize the effectiveness of the attack. This attack makes use of computers and IoT devices for exploitation.

To get rid of this attack you can choose Romania VPS Server to make your data secure. Multiple machines connected to the Internet are usually the cause of the problem. This malware infects devices and allows the attacker to remotely control them from afar. This virus floods a target with malicious traffic via a single network connection.

Basically, it targets eCommerce sites, casino sites, and companies that deal in online services.

Describe the process of a DDoS attack

Here, we have listed the working of the DDoS attack step by step so you will get to know how it attacks any device. Each affected device is termed a bot, and a group of affected devices is termed as botnet which is when established, it is easy for the attacker to send remote instructions to every individual bot or affected device.

Every time the hacker targets a network or server, he will send every request to the affected device’s IP address, flooding the server and network with malicious traffic. The fact that each bot is an authorized Internet device makes it difficult to distinguish between attack traffic and normal Internet traffic. You can choose Romania VPS Server as the best solution to protect your website from DDoS attacks like a firewall.

What are the signs of a DDoS attack?

Symptoms of this attack include sudden slowdowns or inaccessibility of your site or service. It has a number of causes like a sudden spike in traffic, at that time you should go with a traffic analysis tool to identify the symptoms of a DDoS attack. To prevent yourself from this attack, a Romania VPS Server is the best choice. Here I have mentioned some signs to identify the DDoS Attack – 

  • High range of traffic from a particular IP Address or IP range
  • Flood of traffic from users with similar device types, geographic locations, or web browser versions
  • A single page or endpoint is receiving an unexpected number of requests.
  • Traffic fluctuations (such as spikes in traffic every 5 to 10 minutes)
  • The server returned a 503 error or the ping request timed out

Types of DDoS attacks

Romania VPS

DoS attacks vary depending on the components of network connectivity. It is important to understand how a network connection works before learning about DDoS attacks. There are different layers or components to a network connection. When you choose a Romania VPS Server, it offers a network connection that is distinguished into 7 different layers which are – Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Datalink Layer, Physical Layer.

DDoS attacks are mainly divided into 3 categories are Application Layer Attack, Protocol Attack, Volumetric Attacks. To counter-countermeasures, the attacker may use a combination of attack vectors.

Application Layer Attacks

The main goal of the Application-Layer Attack is to exhaust the target’s resources to create a DDoS attack. Alternatively, layer 7 DDoS attacks may also be referred to as such.

An attacker targets the layer of the server where web pages are not secured and denote as HTTP.

One HTTP request can be handled relatively quickly by the client, but a single HTTP request becomes expensive for the server once multiple files are loaded and a database query is run. As it is hard to distinguish between malicious and normal traffic, it is very hard to defend against it.

For example HTTP Flood, which is similar to refreshing any web browser, again and again, using multiple computers at a single time which helps it to receive a large number of the HTTP requests as a flood. This attack should be simple to complex as in a simple attack it targets one URL with a large number of attacking IP Addresses and user agents. While in complex attack, it targets random URLs with a large number of attacking IP Addresses with the help of user agents or random referrers.

Choosing the right Romania VPS Server helps you get protected from Application Layer attacks.

Protocol Attacks

Overutilization of server resources or network equipment causes the Protocol Attack or State-Exhaustion Attack, resulting in service interruption. Network layers 3 and 4 of the protocol stack are attacked using protocol attack techniques to render the target unreachable.

One of the examples of a Protocol Attack is SYN Flood which exploits the TCP handshake or sends a large number of TCP requests or initial connection requests when a connection is established between two computers with the help of a malicious IP Address. Romania VPS Server allows you to freely use the resources of network equipment. Every time the affected device receives a connection request, it waits for a handshake to be established. This will never occur. In doing so, the affected device exhausts its resources.

Volumetric Attack

The volumetric attack involves the attacker consuming all the available bandwidth between the target system and the larger internet. By using amplification or other means, large amounts of data are transferred to the targeted device. It is also possible for the botnets to send requests to the targeted device.

For example DNS amplification, in which Victims are able to generate long responses with minimal effort.

When a request is sent from an open DNS Server with the help of a Victim IP Address, it is easy for them to attack. When you choose the best Romania VPS Server, block that IP Address that consumes the bandwidth between both the target system and the wider internet.

What steps you should follow to reduce DDoS attacks?

Identifying malicious and normal traffic is necessary in order to reduce a DDoS attack. In the current world, attack traffic comes in many forms vary from simple to complex. A complex DDoS attack uses a large number of IP Addresses to overwhelm the targeted device and achieve its goal. A multi-vectored DDoS attack must be reduced using different strategies in order to counter different DDoS attack vectors. Complex attacks make it difficult to separate attack traffic from normal traffic. In every situation, the attacker tries to blend in such a way that solutions are worthless. Romania VPS Server helps you to prevent your device from such a complex attack.

DDoS Protection with Serverwala Romania VPS Server

Serverwala Romania VPS Server comes with DDoS protection that works as an ultra-secure firewall that protects your data to get affected by a DDoS attack. It has an inbuilt automatic malware detection software that detects all the incoming threats and protects your precious data. If you think the above information is not sufficient and you still have queries related to DDoS protection their technical team will help you with your doubts. It will protect your data from external attacks with its data security systems. Moreover, it comes with the following key features – 

  • Round the clock customer support
  • Full root access
  • High network speed
  • Higher network uptime
  • Datacenter security
  • Regular backup
  • SERP Booster
  • Easy scalability
  • Simple licensing


Many people don’t know about DDoS and its effects. In the above article you will get what is a DDoS and how you can protect yourself from such a situation. With the help of a traffic analysis tool, you can distinguish between attack traffic and normal traffic, even in a simple attack. However, when your problem is complex, you won’t get a real solution. You can choose the right Romania VPS that will help you solve all your queries without getting in it. The only conclusion of this article is to protect your website from such a harmful flood of malicious traffic.

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