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How Common Is Penile Melanosis?

Penile melanosis is a harmless condition that affects both men and women. It is a harmless condition that causes hyperpigmentation of the penis. It is usually seen in dark-skin people. It is very common among people with darker skin, and it is also found in people who have had many sunburns in their life.

It is a benign condition that can be cure by natural remedies. There are different types of treatments available for this condition, but most of them are expensive and time-consuming. There is no treatment that will cure it permanently, but there are some treatments that can make your penis look better than before.

What is penile melanosis?

Penile melanosis is a harmless condition that occurs when the pigmented cells (melanocytes) are overactive. These cells are located near the surface of the penis. They are also found in the hair follicles, and they produce dark-color pigments.

The cells are usually present at birth and are fully developed by the time the person reaches puberty. These cells then produce dark-colored pigments until the person reaches middle age. It is usually seen in people with darker skin or those who have had many sunburns.

What Causes Penile Melanosis?

There are several factors that cause this condition, including:


Many people who have had a lot of sunburns develop this condition. They may have had many sunburns in their life, and this condition can appear when they get a sunburn.

The sun is known to cause melanin production in the skin. When the sun causes a burn, it causes the melanocytes to produce more melanin. The more melanin produced, the darker your skin will be.

If you have had a lot of sunburns, then your body will produce more melanin and this will lead to hyperpigmentation.


Some people have inherited the condition from their parents. In some cases, the condition may run in families and be passed on from one generation to another.


As we grow older, our body produces less melanin. This means that the cells will produce less pigment. As a result, your skin will become lighter over time.


Some medications, including antihistamines, antidepressants, and birth control pills, can cause this condition.


Some people who drink alcohol regularly have darker skin than others. This is because alcohol can cause the melanocytes to produce more pigment.


Some men who have low testosterone levels will develop this condition.

How Does Penile Melanosis Look?

Penile melanosis usually looks like small brown spots on the penis. It can also appear as large dark-colored spots on the penis. The spots may be scattered on the entire surface of the penis or they may be located in certain areas.

What Are The Symptoms Of Penile Melanosis?

The first sign of penile melanosis is usually a painful burning sensation when urinating. If you have this symptom, then you should visit a doctor immediately.

If you have penile melanosis, then you may also notice:

A thickening of the skin

A darker-colored penis





Thickening is usually cause by the hyperpigmentation of the penis. It will usually appear near the glans and it will make your penis look bigger than before.

Darker Skin

The darkening of your penis is cause by the increased number of melanocytes. This will cause your penis to look darker than before.


Itching is usually cause by the excessive amount of melanin produce by the cells. The cells will try to get rid of the pigment that has been produce. This can cause itching on the penis.


If your penis is itchy, then you should apply an ointment with anti-itch properties. This will help you to relieve the pain and itching.


Penile melanosis is a harmless condition that can be cured naturally.

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