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How can I Import MBOX to Thunderbird Using Mozilla Thunderbird

Articlesfit | Thunderbird is a free desktop-based application special by many users. It also manage the multiple accounts, and store mailbox data the MBOX formats. Some of the times users needs to Open and Import MBOX to Thunderbird from different software by using the same format.
Also, there is a alternatives where Thunders users have some old MBOX files saved into the hard drive or any other external drive and some.mbox file different formats. In such cases users want to open MBOX file into Thunderbird. So, in this article we will discuss about the complete solution of How to Open MBOX file in Thunderbird.

Why users needs to Open MBOX file into Thunderbird?

  • If you are imported different file format into MBOX format then, we need the application to transfer MBOX to Thunderbird.
  • You have your old MBOX files to saved into the hard drive or other external and you want to add the MBOX profile.
  • There is a requirement that’s why you need a Gmail mail to Thunderbird.
  • You also might need to Thunderbird Import MBOX from the different utility with the same format.

Manual Method For Import MBOX into Thunderbird

The very first option for Thunderbird user has a Open MBOX files to Thunderbird is to use the add-on. This add-on is know as the Import Export Tool. Therefore, the add-on has not been developed by Mozilla Thunderbird Foundation.

  1. Download the Thunderbird and Click on the Tools Button.
  2. Click on the ImportExportTools and then import MBOX file you selected.
  3. There is a option to “import Directly one or more MBOX file” is selected by default.
  4. Click OK.

How to install the Import\Export Add-on?

Follow the below steps to installed the add-on in your system:-

  • Download the importexporttools.xpi file from this site:
  • Start Thunderbird, Click on Menu>Tools>Extensions tab.
  • Then, click on a Gear icons and choose install Add-on from file.
  • Now, you can select the download xpi file and install it.
  • When the installation is completed then, restarted you Thunderbird.

Limitations for Manual Method:-

If you are trying to Import MBOX files to Thunderbird, So you will face these types of issues in it read below the steps are followed:–

  • This will take a lots of time to process.
  • It gives incorrect header information.
  • Missing Emails.
  • It broke the inline images.
  • Missing Attachments.

How to Import MBOX into Thunderbird by Using Automated Methods:-

If you are looking for the error-way to Import Thunderbird Converter Software, then Thunderbird Import MBOX is the right file. With the help of this users can easily Transfer Multiple Open MBOX File in Thunderbird. It also support the MBS and MBX files. All in one you just install the tool in your system to follow the below steps:-

  1. Open tab, click on Email Data Files>MBOX files> then, Choose Folders.

2. Upload the files to import, Select Folder.

3. Estimate the data, that you want Select to export the files.

4. Then, tab to export menu and choose the IMAP.

5. Fill the Google ID and Password and Click on Save Button.

6. Now, it is successfully Export MBOX to Thunderbird.

7. For the Free Demo Edition Export only 10 items from Each Folders. Please Upgrade to Licensed Edition to Export All.


In the blog, you will know about “How to Import MBOX to Thunderbird?”. The MBOX file, apart of Mozilla Thunderbird, is created and supported by many email clients such as, SeaMonkey, Apple Mail, PocoMail, etc. Therefore, if you want to open from one such email client to Thunderbird it provides a several useful features. You need a manual method to Import the Mailbox data in Open MBOX files in Thunderbird, mention in article. As the manual process is fails to import the attachments or any other emails items. In this case, you can Automated Solution mention above.

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